Album:2007:07-05 Austin Blues Party

Austin had a blues party. A blues workshop, really, but I went for the party part of the party. :)
Thursday at the Fed.
I love the Fed.
Bryson looking lovely,
at Patrick's house.
Michelle, Chris and Danny,
in top form. Patrick housed 20 people, and I stayed there Thur night.
Kickin' it old school,
Jake Haning, a.k.a., "Curly" from Herrang a few years back.
Delicious leftovers,
but no spoon.
I get to see old college buddy Mitch. And then I kill him. I get Topher some Blue Bell ice cream
and make his day.
So we get awesome host Sherry
to take us back to the store to get more.
Danny, wild man. Melanie, less wild. This is what passes for entertainment,
when you have no sleep. [Video, 8.1M]
Spoon boy.
At Kerby Lane, Monday morning.
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