Album:2007:07-04 Independence Day

July 4th. And after managing to miss the fireworks for a number of years on what is my second favorite holiday, I made a point to get down to the docks this year, which turned out to be a piece of cake with my scooter.

Normally I wouldn't take such banal photos as of fireworks, but it had been so long, and Haley had already taken off for Europe and didn't get to see them, so here they are.

Squiggles Bad hair day I see a face here.
Is that just me?
The fireworks actually look
pretty good on video, surprisingly on this little camera. [Video, 5.4M]
And there's an actual :)
at the end. [Video, 5.6M]
And again,
a face.
An eagle landing,
to the right.
Banana nose Some blooming stars Dear god, the ship
is on fire! [Video, 7.3M]
There was this funky
cross-shear, that caused the front of the big fireworks to drift in a different direction than the back, making this beautiful skew, which didn't quite show. [Video, 5.3M]
Sparkle bombs for Haley.
[Video, 10.1M]
This is a bit
on the modern art side. I think I saw a painting like this at MOMA, it was 17 million dollars.
Okay, so.. That's a bit phallic.
I mean it's a face. Just a face.
Speaking of phallic,
here's all the sperm.
These were exploding cubes
or exploding spheres, but now they look like exploding eyeballs.
No, actually that's .. exploding spheres.. And this is Rayalon,..he Gorphon Quadrant. Happy finale time!
showing one last skew. [Video, 5.1M]
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