Album:2007:06-20 Seattle Invasion

A bunch of Seattleites (and Lucky from NY) came to town for a Blues workshop, and a bunch of them hung out afterwards. I spent some time with Jen/Skittles/Skit, who had a life-changing weekend. Additionally, my buddy Eric came up and ended up having Skit pose for a photo shoot. So now my house has been a "location" as they say in the biz, with huge photography lights and all.

Plus I got a trampoline. Excellent.

A rather violent blues dance
with Lessa. It was a great dance, even though we were smashing into things left and right. I didn't realize I was being taped on my cellphone (not bad quality!) until about halfway through. [Video, 5.3M]
Jen's photo shoot. Lucky brought a gnome named "Josh"
who ended up getting more action than anyone.
Lizzie also took innocent) photos. Mr. Peterson's photo shoot
did not goes as well.
Before we left for the ocean,
it occurred to me that Eric should take some photos on the trampoline. Of course.
Leron (my (fortunately) temp roommate)
loves this shot because it makes him look buff.
And I love this shot
because it makes me look ridiculous.
A great trampoline s.. that I decided to.. ..Turn into a skate stunt.
We dashed off to the ocean.
I got to be a photographer's assistant, I was the location scout and the lighting specialist. Okay, maybe I was just the reflector-holder guy. But lighting specialist looks better on my resume.
Jen at the ocean. Jen's supermodel face Jen's perfume ad OgreDave gets to model as well.
Josh is a lucky Gnome
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