Album:2007:06-08 CUBE

CUBE - Chicago Underground Blues Exchange.

During the Blues Festival in Chicago, a bunch of Blues dancers there host a basically free party. That's pretty cool.

Haley and Disco Dan,
playing on that famous Chicago sculpture thing.
At the Blues Festival.. ..we danced in the back corner. Haley eats the Blues
Haley can even
taste the blues
Dancing with Haley One of the performers. Patrick shows Danny
one of his favorite sex toys..
..then makes his move.
(At the "Pick Me Up Cafe")
The Pick Me Up Cafe rocks
because they have vegan berry shakes, and are open late, during the late night dance in particular.
The evening dance. Haley dances with
our host Annie.
We find a mass of ants on the way home.
Ants galore!
Annie's introverted cat, LovLy... preparing to attack. Haley braids her hair up,
and it looks cute.
Attacked by children!
I visit my family in Chicago and am attacked by nieces Sophie and Stella
My parents before we eat dinner
at my brother's house.
Nephew Parker. My brother,
confused and stuck in a glass.
The Sunday Late Night
was a house party.
Valerie takes pictures of people grr-ing
[photo Valerie]
Haley has a little monster grr
[photo Valerie]
Danny is a bit more subdued.
[Photo Valerie]
I do better
on a second try. [photo Valerie]
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