Album:2007:05-25 Zombie Attack

On May 25th, Zombies attacked San Francisco.

Haley and I were attacked, and then lived the soulless life of the walking dead.


Darkness descended
upon the city. [photo iva_01]
And the dead
started to walk the earth. [photo Declan]
A mass of them
marched down Market. [photo Declan]
Some, asking for Zombie rights.
"I can has? brayn" [photo Declan]
The zombies find a victim
[Video, 2.8M]
Another victim. Dear god,
what hath our sciences wrought upon us! [Video, 2M]
A futile escape
[photo Inkyhack]
Zombie Day in SF
[Video, 6.2M, remmyreel]
A newly-zombified stomach
must purge it's non-brain contents [photo iva_01]
feasting on the living.
Phone no work..
Time for more brains Unfortunately Haley and I
get separated, and I have to watch her death at the hands of monsters
No, god no! And then Haley joins
the walking dead.
Haley struggles along
looking for her still-living boyfriend (the photographer of this photo called it "Corrs Zombie" because of Haley's likeness to one of the (band) Corr's sisters. I'm curious which one, though I confess that they're all hot. He also noted that she was a great body actor. [photo Seldo]
But soon we are reunited
[photo Inkyhack]
And we walk
the valley of the damned.
Haley and I feast.
[photo Justin Lamb]
Another kill.
[photo Declan]
We look for brains
at Union Square. Not many can be found. [photo Steve Rhodes]
Zombie Walk (long)
[Video, 17.7M, anthonyr1974]
Zombies attack the trolley
Zombies attack cable car
and then march on (an edited version of a longer video - we briefly appear right at the end of this one) [Video, 2M, youtube]
No brains
at Starbucks.
So instead we decide
to feast on the cupcakes of the living.
And take a shower.
The zombies
enter the underground [photo Inkyhack]
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