Album:1553 Fulton St,:Plants:2007-05-05 The New Yard

My backyard had returned to jungle form and was covered with weeds.

There was a pine tree in my neighbors backyard which was towering over my yard. It had shed a coat of pine needles that had become about 3 inches thick over my yard, making it mostly ungrowable.

A few months ago my neighbor cut the pine tree down, so Haley and I got some plants and decided to start reclaiming it, one piece at a time.

What the backyard used to look like,.. Here's the massive pine tree,
courtesy Google Maps. The blue marker points to my house. Underneath it is a square with white blobs, that's the upstairs deck. Then a small grey rectangle, then another square with white blobs. That's my deck. Below that was a massive pine tree, reaching from my neighbors yard, my yard is completely hidden here.
Better shot,
thanks to an aerial photo. That massive green thing in the middle of my block is the tree, you can't even see my deck here.
About a year later,
the satellite photo is updated, and you can see the tree is gone (there's some of our rubber blue mats down, but the trampoline isn't here yet!)
with new mounds
of weeds and pine needles skimmed off the top.
Our little cove, with our new tree. Haley the plant-whisperer Mr. Happy Tree.
Phase III
(we didn't photo Phase II). We add some more plants and another Yucca.
Some of the succulents
get propped up to face the sun better and actually get quite tall.
And we find
one of Haley's favorite succulents (the pink cactus looking one with drooping flowers)
Many of our plants
which didn't take well to transplanting are starting to grow again.
Turning up! Little patches of green Even the spidery
looking succulent might make it.
Haley's happy succulent.
It dropped it's flowers, but is doing well otherwise.
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