Album:2007:04-27 bluesSHOUT,
Hanging out on Thursday
[photo Dee]
Those are my hands,
look at how long my arms are! ;) [photo Dee]
Dancing with Michelle [photo D Goetz]
Topher and Colorado Chris
[photo D Goetz]
Mike and Megan
in the cell.
Hootchie Ladies
Megan, Mike, Jewel and Heather A charleston circle.
No really. What the fuck? Isn't this a blues event? I saw *two* of these on two separate nights.
Hostess Jen's
supercat Tabasco
Jen's new cat,
And we go to City Museum.
The absolute greatest man-made structure in the world.
Crawling about the roof
with Jewel, Mike, Megan and Karen (not shown).
Megan climbing the walls. Karen in the upstairs caves. I find a dead end. This slide
is especially nice for women.
emerging from a tree.
And Megan,
less gracefully.
We talk to the turtles. Jewel amongst the turtles.
We head outside
and everyone promptly gets split up.
But we manage to col..everyone together,..
[photo Romeo]
.. and I convince them to follow me.
[photo Romeo]
Those pants make me look
silly short from this angle. [photo Romeo]
Then we cavort around the outdoors.
[photo Romeo]
Climbing up to the top.
[photo Romeo]
My favorite slide.
[photo Romeo]
Which you can flip down.
[photo Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
Evan slides.
[photo Romeo]
Then I convince all
that it's a good idea.. [photo Romeo] run up the slide.
Why does everyone listen to me?
Megan and Mike
on the wing of the second plane.
I lead a crew to possible death! Climbing into the sky
[photo Luke]
Liz slides
[photo Romeo]
Enter the Ball Pit!
[photo Romeo]
with impending ball collision [photo Romeo]
"Excuse me, has anyone seen my camera?"
[photo Romeo]
Aerial view
[photo Kermit]
This is, quite possibly, my favorite picture ever. [photo Romeo]
Attack from above
[photo Kermit]
My ladies follow me
to the non-skate room.
[Video, 4M]
And we find
a new little cave area
Underneath the seating
of the nearby theater.
The indoor long slide
[photo Romeo]
Proper speed-technique
on the Slide of Death
And finally,
we enter the catacombs. [photo Romeo]
Everyone collected at the bottom.. ..of the spiral slide. Luke and Mike
get to see the catacombs for the first time. [photo Romeo]
Romeo was with us,
on official photography duty.
Liz, Megan and Mike Dana,
playing Juliet [photo Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
I dare Luke and Evan
to climb into the ceiling ducts. Evan wins. [photo Romeo]
trapped forever. We had to leave her behind. She's still there, actually. [photo Romeo]
Luke and Jordan
look down into the catacombs. [photo Romeo]
Megan and Mike,
the lions.
After an exhausting day..
[photo Romeo]
..our City Museum crew
[photo Romeo]
..decides to take up modeling.
[photo Romeo]
In front of City Museum.
[photo Romeo]
This is quite ridiculous.
[animated gif]
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