Album:2007:04-20 ATLX:

My second Atlanta Lindy Exchange. I love the west coast. Good people, even if they are from the South. ;)
Mike the Girl
does a performance [Video, 7.1M]
Mike's troupe "Still Swinging"
a fantastic big band.
Sing, Sing, Sing.
Done by a contemporary band and yet kicking ass. [Video, 7.9M]
More Sing, Sing, Sing
[Video, 7.1M]
a spaz.
Megan and Glenn,
two awesome people. [photo D. Goetz]
I enjoy a greeting,
just like "Norm!" from "Cheers" [Video, 3.3M]
She has a twin and she's tiny,
this means that her and her sister combine to make a full Marilyn Monroe, kind of like Voltron.
[photo D. Goetz]
Dancing with Amber
[photo D. Goetz]
Jessica again,
the 50% Marilyn. [photo D. Goetz]
We went to a pub
after the daytime dance. ?? [ORD]
Megan is frightened
by the boisterous Jay
The pub mistakenly plays
danceable music.
Caiya (sp?),
one of Mike's cats.
And Lunch,
her other cat.
Bryan and Mike T. Girl Aaron and Megan,
both co-hostees
Mike and Megan's matching
jeans (and derrieres)
Megan [Knox], Mike [Knox->ATL],
Megan [ATL]
Sunday dance Luke and I
hatch a plan.
We decide that falling down the stairs
would be funny, and try to photograph it. First photo is too late.
But then all of our photos
don't look convincing at all. I'm really falling, but it looks like I'm praying to the bannister gods.
And Luke is humping the third step. And I'm vomiting. So we tried to fake it instead,
also not convincing.
Not quite falling, either. Luke, again,
making sweet love to the stairs.
Then it was time to video.
This run is me. Unfortunately our light was bad, but you get the idea. [Video, 2.2M]
And then Luke,
who deceptively seems like he's got his fall under control, but then.. [Video, 2.5M]
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