Album:2007:04-06 Visiting-Justin
Jackson, the cat. Justin,
the angry human.
We spent most of Friday
setting up this awesome bandsaw which can shave wafer-thin pieces of wood.
And Mr. Max,
the other cat.
I go back to Fort Collins,
for the first time in almost a decade.
The Waffle House,
between Denver and Ft. Collins, was a regular stopping point at 2am after dancing all night in Denver
The Manchurian Ash
that I took care of has grown big and strong, he makes me proud.
And the lilac bush
that I once planted with wistful hopes of a returning Bert.
Surprisingly, the Blue Dwarf
has become a Buddhist Center (and white)
I go up to the foothills
to visit the final resting place of Maxmillion Fantastic Ferret and Sagittarius Excalibur (Fantastic) Ferret.
I had trouble finding
their tree after 10 years, it might have been this one..
But more likely it was this one,
which still had the rock cairns under it (I just don't remember it being a pine...)
The likely home of my ferrets. I used to go cliff jumping
in the foothills. I think the authorities frowned on it. This sign was a clue (as were the park rangers who would chase us)
And the cliff
that I first got to cliff jump from.
This rock was about a 30' drop.
This brave stuntman
provided a valuable renactment
(the water level
is a little lower than normal)
Goodbye to the foothills.. Jasmine Garden!
By my old basement apartment on Harvard. I *loved* their Pon Pon Chicken and have never been able to find a replacement.
This used to be the HP sign,
now it says "HP and.." I can't quite ready it because it's blurry, is it "and Intel" or "and Satan" or...?
Intel across the street from HP.
AMD is also out there these days.
The first time I rode a roller coaster
(and enjoyed it) was at the Denver whateverAmusement Park, courtesy an HP company picnic.
Nice hat.
Ryan, Justin's cowor..friend and landlord,
plays with his new bandsaw.
And Justin
lets me use his plasma cutter. I can say, quite definitively, that plasma cutters are the coolest thing in the world. Ever.
My first plasma cutting.
(The nameplate, not the girl).
My second
(for my Burning Man town, Ultra Stunt Danger Academy)
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