Album:2007:03-09 Blues Rising:Sunday
Laura teaches
"Follows: How to get the lead to fall in love with you / Leads: How to get her to love you back" [photo Romeo]
..with help from Andrew Slac
[photo Romeo]
Making announcements.
Chris was late, so Haley and I combined our two classes into one hyperclass to make room for a lost class slot. [photo Romeo]
Sara and Cid
[photo Mike]
Solomon teaches
"How to Dance Like Solomon" [photo Romeo]
topher and Lessa
[photo Mike]
..teach "Flying Improvisation"
[photo Mike]
Jeremy and Karissa,
our only teachers actually prepared with a "whiteboard" [photo Romeo]
..teaching "Follow Y.. and Lead Your Lead"
[photo Romeo]
The photographers liked Sara,
(note Romeo in background) [photo Mike]
Sara (note Mike in background)
[photo Romeo]
A class
awaits the second coming of Blues. [photo Romeo]
Blues Musicality" into one hyperspeed class which we named "Musicadimensionacality" or something like that [photo Mike]
As mentioned,
we had a late arrival, so we lost a class slot. [photo Mike]
So, Haley and I
combined our classes "Four Dimensional Blues" and "
It went much better
than our Saturday class. [photo Mike]
It was quite good, hallelujah.
[photo Romeo]
This is not
what we taught. [photo Romeo]
Passing the music,
an entertaining exercise. [photo Mike]
Our class,
trying out the material [photo Romeo]
We are lions! [photo Mike]
Evidently Haley made me angry.
And I kicked her foot and broke it. (no, not really. That's a strange photo, though.) [photo Mike]
A happy Haley
[photo Romeo]
Mihai teaches
"The mind-body connection in blues" with help from Beth [photo Romeo]
My staff, hard at work
[photo Romeo]
Tired students
[photo Romeo]
Someone.. please.. kill me.. now..
[photo Glen]
Glenn & Sara
[photo Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
The evening dance,
at Cellspace. [photo Mike]
With band Steve Fruend
[photo Romeo]
Announcing the J&J finalists
[photo Mike]
Announcing the J&J finalists
[photo Romeo]
Cellspace turned out
to be a great venue. [photo Mike]
It managed to have an ambiance
that I had not seen there for Swing/Blues before. [photo Romeo]
And the Jack and Jill finals
[photo Romeo]
With rotation,
as J&J should be, and the finalists all judged each other. No non-contestant judges for the entirety of the J&J contest! [photo Romeo]
We had many instructors at this event.. [photo Romeo]
And since we had a no-instructors policy for the contests.. [photo Romeo]
We decided to let the instructors.. [photo Romeo]
Have a Jack&Jill of sorts.. [photo Romeo]
Which went on longer than I would have liked.. [photo Romeo]
But when I watched the video (up one level).. [photo Romeo]
It was pretty snifty neat.. [photo Romeo]
So I'm mostly happy we had it.. [photo Liz]
Though I'm somewhat opposed to the instructor/attendee separation. [photo Romeo]
But that's a longer philosophical discussion.. [photo Romeo]
So we all picked names from a hat. [photo Romeo]
There was an extra follow who randomly picked a lead to go again.. [photo Romeo]
..and I *swear* it was luck that I got to dance with Lessa. [photo Romeo]
..though nobody will probably believe me. [photo Romeo]
Damn I love dancing with Lessa. [photo Liz]
[photo Romeo]
Then we ran it into a snowball
[photo Romeo]
And people were dancing again.
[photo Romeo]
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