Album:2007:03-09 Blues Rising:Saturday
Chris takes the floor.
"mmmm.... delicious..." :) and teaches his awesome "Blues Breathing" class. [photo Romeo]
Chris is rather mischevious,
isn't he? [photo Romeo]
Dexter and Michelle
taught "Creative Forms of Connection" [photo Romeo]
topher and Laura
[photo Mike]
..teach "Blarials and Blops"
[photo Mike]
topher became a rock star that day.
[photo Mike]
the mighty topher
[photo Romeo]
..has certainly got style
[photo Liz]
Joshua and Dana
demonstrate the class lesson [photo Mike]
Sara starts to get off the ground
[photo Romeo]
And Sara flies. A stern Laura
points out topher's leg [photo Mike]
Was there a question?
[photo Romeo]
Mel and Mercedes show up
[photo Mike]
..and show how it's done
[photo Mike]
A happy Sara
[photo Mike]
Kevin Buster and Carolyn
[photo Mike]
Teaching "Energy and Creativity"
[photo Mike]
Kevin and Carolyn
[photo Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
More class
[photo Romeo]
Sara *becomes*
an air guitar [photo Mike]
Teaching with Haley
[photo Romeo] our worst class
to date. We were so beat and so exhausted from working on the event. Ugh. [photo Romeo]
At least Haley
had a good attitude. [photo Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
"Hardcore Blues Foundations"
lots of connection and core. [photo Romeo]
Solomon teaches
"Intense Subtlety, Subtle Intensity" [photo Mike]
And Lessa and topher
teach "Follow Initiated Movement" and get the class on the floor. [photo Mike]
I learned something about attitude
and open minds from this class. When I walked in I couldn't figure out why the heck everyone was on the floor [photo Romeo]
And I must admit it was difficult
not to just discount the class, as I heard later that many instructors watching did and then walked out. [photo Romeo]
For those that stuck around,
evidently it was worth it, because the feedback we got on this class was positive. [photo Romeo]
Laura and fiance Mike
teach "Musicality & Finding Your Character" [photo Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
Ground zero
things were partially under control at this point, though it doesn't look like it. [photo Mike]
So that's where all the money went!
;) [photo Romeo]
Mike from Austin.
Great shirt. [photo Mike]
Slac teaches "Slac Sauce"
[photo Mike]
Sara *pbbblt*
[photo Romeo]
Saturday dance
at the Doghouse, during the open couples contest. [photo Romeo]
I was home,
trying to finally sleep, and failing, with the phone ringing on a regular basis. [photo Romeo]
Julie Anne,
uber-volunteer, trying to sleep at the event. [photo Romeo]
Rachael, Sean and Joe,
at the Doghouse exit, heading to.. [photo Romeo]
The late night,
with live band Craig Horton, who we discovered at Biscuits and Blues. [photo Romeo]
Heidi and Dexter
[photo Romeo]
Open Couples finals
[photo Romeo]
which I don't even remember..
[photo Romeo]
if I got to see..
[photo Romeo]
but it looks fun.
[photo Romeo]
Then the fun began.
We ran a new kind of Jack and Jill. We wanted the judging to be on connection, which can't always be seen, so we had the Jacks judge the Jills and vice-versa. But we wanted to avoid favoritism... [photo Romeo]
So out came the blindfolds.
[photo Romeo]
And with a little chaos,
we managed to run a single heat of 60 dancers. [photo Romeo]
I've been told
by many entrants that it was a fun experience. [photo Romeo]
They didn't have to ..hours. [photo Romeo] Still in my jacket,
which I didn't have time to take off until about 5am. [photo Romeo]
Dr. Feelgood.
[photo Romeo]
It went well,
but it was damn tricky to make work. I think it would be interesting to improve on the system. [photo Romeo]
Sara and Cid
[photo Romeo]
Disco Dan,
surrounded by throngs of adoring fans. [photo Romeo]
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