Album:2007:03-09 Blues Rising:Friday
Chris and Haley
teach "Blues Clues for Grown Ups" before the dance. [photo Romeo]
"Grown Ups" you say?
[photo Romeo]
The registration desk,
which became utter chaos, thanks to a broken printer. [photo Romeo]
Opening band Big Bones
was a big hit. [photo Romeo]
Dancing to the music.
[photo Romeo]
And then,
Queen of the blues... [photo Romeo]
We bring Kim Massie out
from St. Louis. [photo Romeo]
She is heaven to dance to.
[photo Romeo]
Heidi mugs
[photo Romeo]
We get a Blues magic performance
[photo Romeo]
And Dr. Feelgood
[photo Romeo]
..gets to actually be "Dr. Feelgood"
[photo Romeo]
Kim serves up a five song encore,
that was so awesome that the dancers just crowded around and listened. [photo Romeo]
And we serve Mango with Sticky Rice
as the late night food. [photo Romeo]
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