Album:2007:03-02 Enter The Blues

Mike (the Girl) and Dee in Atlanta organized a blues event and they brought me out to teach. It was great to teach a young blues scene, though it was only a week before BluesRising, so it was pretty exhausting.
Hanging out at Dee's house
before the event
There was a contest
on Friday, that started with the judges picking body parts that the contestants needed to lead and follow with. "Shoulder to stomach!" [photo Jesse Niou]
The second stage
of the contest was dodgeball blues. Very entertaining. [photo Jesse Niou]
Dancing on the floor.
[photo Jesse Niou]
I taught classes
with Mike The Girl. It was funmuch. [photo Jesse Niou]
I also was hosted
by Mike The Girl and her kitty.
As was Sosh
(a.k.a. Pirate Impossible)
And the most awesome
Knoxville Megan.
The EtB brochure
came from this painting that Mike did on her door, which came from a photo from my website, which is a picture of Romeo and Laura.
Mike rocks. Chris was teaching with Dee.
[photo Jesse Niou]
And Solomon was teaching as well.
[photo Jesse Niou]
And Megan from Knoxville arrived.
Megan rocks. [photo Jesse Niou]
[photo Jesse Niou]
Teaching with Mike
[photo Jesse Niou]
Demonstrating the connection.
[photo Jesse Niou]
All the teachers
taught a history/music class and then a "Blues Jam" which was Mike's idea. [photo Jesse Niou]
After the event,
Chris was passed out cold, and it took great strength of willpower to not color his face with a magic marker.
Jodie graced us
with her presence briefly.
Silly Jodie.
And then there was a late night on Sunday.
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