Album:2007:02-09 Portland House Blues Party

A blues party in Portland, and San Francisco got up to it's old hijinks and decided to crash it with about 12 of us on the same Southwest flight.
Boarding the plane
with James and Haley [photo Dana]
There were a whole load
of us on the plane. [photo Dana]
It was Susan's birthday,
and because Southwest rocks, they let us lead the plane in a birthday sing-along using the intercom. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Captain Dave..." [photo Dana]
First party
was at Joshua's house, the instigator of the weekend. [photo Dana]
Solomon had a band playing
upstairs, which overlooked the dance floor by... [photo Dana]
The view from above,
I scan the floor for a follow. [photo Glenn]
And the band played
from above. [photo Dana]
Best use of a sliding glass door,
ever [photo Glenn]
The end of the party,
stretching and snuggling. [photo Glenn]
We ate dinner at thi..estaurant (Savilai).
The owner was totally great, the desserts and appetizers were free, and I had Mango with Sticky rice in my hands before I had even taken off my jacket. [photo Dana]
Our table,
note the pre-ordered Mango. Joy and happiness! [photo Glenn]
My Mango w/ Sticky Rice lead
was wisely followed. [photo Glenn]
Orville and Elizabeth
[photo Glenn]
The other table
[photo Glenn]
Danny & Michelle
[photo Glenn]
A pile of people,
at the Tango-Blues dance Saturday [photo Dana]
Solomon, Julie Ann, .. Lessa, Haley & Dave
[photo Dana]
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