Album:2007:02-01 LindyGras

LindyGras again.
Better populated this year, but unfortunately many of the bands were doing the 15 minute song thing. It got a little tiring. It was also another LindyGras year that managed to coincide with large moments in my personal life. So be it.
I also got to try out my new camera, the dinky Panasonic D-Snap. 2 Megapixel, but not too shabby. Wish it was a little faster though.
I meet Danny
at the New Orleans airport.
The lovely Ms Hays
meets up with us at the Thursday rendez-vous point, the Ritz-Carlton.
Our impeccable host,
Robert Claypool.
And on to the pub strut.
World famous!
Canonical Bourbon St.
Steamboat Willie,
and his New Orleans Jazz Band. Danny and I run across these guys playing at Cafe Beignet when we're just looking for some food, they were awesome. Evidently they were an earlier part of the pub strut we missed.
And then the Funky Pirate,
with legendary Big Al Carson
And across the street
at the Spotted Cat is Vavavoom.
And also "Bo Diddly" the puppy,
who I met outside the Spotted Cat right when I really needed to meet a puppy.
Vavavoom. [Video, 4.5M] The other side of Vavavoom. Chocolate Jeff and Jodi [Toronto]
Jeff is suprised
by a musical "moment"
Robert's puppy, Duchess. Laura was there,
so the world was a better place.
And Big George,
from NY, who I had just seen at SoFlex.
We go back to the Ritz.
Amber professes her love to the other side of the couch.
The late night,
and the sax player who was in most of the live bands at LindyGras.
Laurie from NY,
who was part of the Vegan Restaurant crew at Y6A and was angry that I forgot her name.
Late night band.
Amber's and her beau. And Melanie shows up from Austin! Laura at the park dance Chris,
looking drunk as always.
"Tiger" the young psychologist/astrologer Before leaving,
we hit a diner in the French Quarter.
And invent the "Jell..ld the world record. Another airport with Danny,
back home at Oakland.
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