Album:2007:01-31 Stacie and Paul's

Stacie and Paul got married!

They had their wedding in Southern California, and we weren't able to make it down, but they had a local party at the Kilowatt bar where they had some friends playing in the band "King City" which was excellent.

"King City"
was one of the liveliest bands I've seen.
Haley, lovely gaze;
Dave, Jabba the Hut cheeks.
[Video, 357k] [Video, 1.9M]
[Video, 2.9M] One of the guitarists
hides behind the bassist.
Haley with Stacie,
who is now someone's property, according to the bible. ;)
The bar dog,
playing fetch.
Keith and new husband, Paul.
No no, not Keith's new husband.
The bar dog. Haley and I
[photo Stacie]
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