Album:2007:01-12 SoFlex
SoFlex 007
had a groovy thumbprint checkin. With actual thumbprint scanners. Sweet! All courtesy computer geek Dan.
SoFlex had a secret mission,
with some prize at the end. So I decided to take it on. They had clues at each dance, such as this one..
Karissa having a solo moment.. only KK can do.
I managed to wake up
this time for the Saturday dance at the beach (though I managed to miss Sunday at the outdoor mall)
Mike the Girl
at the beach.
KK at the beach. Yup. Beach.
Laura. Beach. Dave, relaxing
on the sand, talking to the other Megan from Atlanta.
The cozy Florida beachfront,
with syringes and various medical waste.
Host-spectacular, Dan Press.
One of the many awesomenesses of his house is his theater, which is not only sweet, but is pitch black and quiet, allowing for easy sleep in the day.
Breakfast at Dan's place. There's a formal,
and Titus shows up in formal as only Titus can.
And Michelle and I
arrive in 'Protest-Formal' outerwear.
Another clue..
And wait, a video
with color bars..
With more clues.
And in the end, I solve the puzzle and win 4 tickets to SoFlex next year! Sweet!
The late night gets shutdown
by the cops at 4am. So we go to Dan's and turn the smoke machine on in the theater.
Plus a little light show,
and it's the sweetest mini-late night ever.
The late night..
[photo Shorty George]
Late night
[photo Jay]
Another good shot.
[photo Shorty George]
A huge group sushi dinner
[photo Shorty George]
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