Album: 12-29 Rhythmic-Arts-Festival

     Album:2006:12-29 Rhythmic-Arts-Festival

New Years - back down to San Diego for Rhythmic Arts Festival, for some fun dancing and the most retarded Blues Dance Contest around. Retarded.
Anyways, this trip was the second long bus trip on WVO and the first without any pumping issues. We made it in 15 hours, with is only a few hours slower than by car.
We found this awesome place
for dinner, called Lei's or somesuch. Good food, and amusing quasi-outdoor atmosphere. ( comments)
Scott is amazed by technology..
"You say this gizmo is called a cell phone??" ( comments)
The man who tells you like it is. ( comments)
Spoon time!
( comments)
And then..
I act like this. [Video, Dan Printz] ( comments)
Tina breaks out
the jams... ( comments) much acclaim.
( comments)
FireMark at Lindy By The Bay
[Photo LindyShutterbug] ( comments)
In the blues contest
with Haley [Photo LindyShutterbug] ( comments)
Blues contest
[Photo LindyShutterbug] ( comments)
The contest video
(We are in the 2nd heat @ 4:53 and furthest from the camera) [Video, 30M] ( comments)
Mel was fully-healed
and back to her old self! ( comments)
Damn I missed
dancing with her. ( comments)
Hair goes woosh!
( comments)
The cafe often had late night
dancing as well. ( comments)
Haley's wonderful back.
( comments)
Mel rocks!
Mel rocks! ( comments)
Carolyn and westie-Pete
( comments)
Haley & Miles
[photo Utah Ryan] ( comments)
Carolyn does rock.
[photo Utah Ryan] ( comments)
A relaxed Dave,
debates the definition of "Blues Dancing" in the contemporary sense. ( comments)
Rats. I promised I wouldn't
forget her name. She's from Florida. And her name is something like Joanne? ( comments)
And on the way home,..he wheel of Big Red.
( comments)
No hands!
( comments)
I get to see the view
while rolling, from the back of the bus. ( comments)
After getting comfortable,
Haley gets cocky. ( comments)
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