Album:2006:12-25 Xmas

Haley, the cats and I went up to her mom's for Xmas this year.
We made a fantastic dinner with her mom and an endless supply of gingerbread cookies and some vegan caramel that didn't turn out right this time.
Haley gets a card Mr. P gets some catnip
for Catmas
As does Amoebae Amoebae likes to attack
her catnip
Mr. P starts to roll. As does Amoebae,
in the literal sense
Haley gets some Ani
DiFranco CDs (and Regina Spektor)
No indian-giving on Catmas Day.
Amoebae has a moment
of contentment.
Tasty tail. Mr. P and catnip Haley gets her next gift..
Licorice mandarin orange slices! Makes Haley's mouth do a dance. Haley goes catnip on the orange slices. More happy orange taste explosion
Some chilled cats Then we sit down to a great dinner
that Haley, her mom and I prepared.
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