Album:2006:12-08 SF Blues Combo

So, we're having this awesome Blues workshop in March, and we decided to bring some of the teacher's in for a Teacher's Summit. This coincided with a number of birthdays being celebrated, and Heidi and Charlie's Blues workshop, and a Tangoed Up In Blues event, so we decided to combine forces and create a whole impromptu party weekend.
Lessa and Karissa
[SEA] come down.
Lessa is quite the flirt. At FNB,
the ladies get down.
You can't beat that.
Don't even bother.
Haley and Sara Then Haley and Sara dance Naughty Haley and Sara
I'm beginning to think
we don't even need the leads. [Video, 3.3M]
Saturday I run a late night
party at City Ballet
Many were crashed on the couch. Patrick happened to be
in town for the night. Fortuitous!
The room was nice,
with rope lighting added. The party had to be moved at the last minute thanks to a run-in with Mr. Law the night before.
Dana and Aurie HaleyMo looking demure. HaleyMo not looking demure.
Kermit looking like a camel chewing cud. The floor got pretty muggy,
but it was still quite fun.
Topher [SEA] and Spyder [Las Vegas].. ..had quite some dances
Bowing to the god of Blues. Topher and Karissa [SEA] Posing for a website photo.
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