Album:2006:11-10 Emerald City Blues

Haley and I went to Emerald City Blues.

We took the bus and did the trip mostly on WVO!

This marks the first serious vegetable oil trip to a dance event, and I managed to do the SF<->Portland pretty much entirely on oil. Because of technical difficulties in collection and filtering, I had to switch to diesel for the Portland<->Seattle journey.

My first solo WVO collection!
On a whim I stop at a restaurant on the highway,..
and find ~30 gallons
of totally clean, golden oil. It was almost new!
At a reststop
we take a break and the wind starts to come in, and we see this awesome storm cloud in the distance. From my limited understanding, I believe this is a lenticular cloud
Lenticular Cloud
(at least, I think it is a Lenticular cloud - anyone want to back me up on this?)
Sean Morse,
talented musician, does an improvised song about me. Topher and Sara and my laughing is clearly visible on this low-quality recording.
"Dave Madison Land"
by Sean Morse [7M, mp3]
Sean Morse
created another song for me, this time while getting a ride home in my bus.
The gorgeous Century Ballroom
and the Ham Carson band, who were not really Blues, sadly.
Sara and Haley
enjoying snacks, waiting for the music to go Blues.
On the way home,
we see some snow on I-5.
Oh my gosh!
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