Album:2006:10-31 Halloween
A bunch of people.
Mostly wearing street clothes.
Throngs and throngs of people
celebrating the true spirit of All Hallow's Eve: Beer and stupidity!
Look at all the pretty costumes.
No really, there are some up there on the left.
A pirate with a purse and a poofy jacket,
just like in olden tymes!
This costume brought to you
by North Face.
Okay, at least
massive skeleton guy showed up.
And the cops were li..and ready to attack.

..Which turned out to be a good thing, since right before the end of the event, gang warfare broke out. No, really, with real guns. Since when did hoodlum punks start celebrating Halloween? Isn't this about costumes and kids and candy?

And now we shall have a moment of silence to mourn the loss of an already dying San Francisco Halloween Celebration. You shall be missed.

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