Album:2006:06-14 Pole Dancing

I recently bought a stripper's pole for my apartment.

Any gathering of dancers will eventually merge on the pole.

Jordan prepares herself
(with Kermit's help??)
Jordan attempts some pole work. A satisfied dancer. Romeo demonstrates his spin
(note pinky out)
Now that's a bit
more graceful.
Scott goes for the pole. Scott likes the pole. I try Romeo's spin.
Kermit gives it his all. Joe shows us
his sultry side.
I demonstrate
the cheesy "you can keep your hat on" gimmick.
And then the hair!
Ooo baby!
Romeo goes for some pole work. Even Evan tries it out. Haley is a master
with her patented one-arm spin.
the stripper wannabe.
Andrew plants his ass. Chris the Aussie,
works the pole sideways.
Go Chris, go!
Andrew and Chris
fall in love. [Video, 2.4M]
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