Album:2006:05-07.Cupcakes and Strudel

More vegan desserts. This time, non-dairy cupcakes, and more Vegan Strudel!
Haley prepares the cake dough Painting with butter! Another gorgeous strudel.
Actually, too much chocolate and filling, if you can believe that.
Haley prays before the cupcakes.
Actually she's laughing because she dropped one.
Haley's dropped cupcake. Haley prepares a bowl full of snot.
No wait, that's vegan cream cheese frosting. Yummy.
We start decorating
with the remainder of a thing of frosting I have.
Frosting the cupcakes.
Again with the taste-testing. And again with the cooking threats.
I think the sugar is effecting Haley's brain at this point.
I won't comment on s..ns that Haley chose.
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