Album:2006:05-06 Slavas Snowshow

Today was the two-year anniversary of the day that Haley and I first hung out. As a celebration, we saw Slava's Snowshow.

It was a Russian clown thing, and there was a grand finale that was pretty darn amazing and fun. We got up and played with the "snow" and bounced massive balls around. Whee!

Massive balloons everywhere Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.. And then mayhem. The clowns watched on
as their plans to create shenanigans and dominate the world finally take shape.
Watchful clowns. Snowing Haley Incoming balloon,
the bald man didn't have a chance.
Kids and adults alike
were all standing and having snow fights and playing with the balloons.
Haley and a morose clown. Fuzzy snowy Haley ..keeps tossing snowflakes everywhere. A happy Haley,
time to go home.
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