Album:2006:05-06 Katie

Katie J/M is leaving us. Katie is a rockstar dancer who I first met when she started dancing in Colorado, almost a decade ago. And now she's all grown up and married and taking off for Kansas with her Hubby.

Good luck, Katie M!

Thanks to a camera taking oddity,
this nostalgic photo makes Katie look like the second time I saw her. Bald.
Pat starts to vanish Turning.. Jeanine jumps in
And Katie and Jeanine
fight over the lead.
Katie leading Dancing Katie M!
Jam Which turned into hand dancing
for a bit
I started to strip.
I'm not sure why anymore. I think it might have been funny at the time.
Dave and Katie
etc.. Completely unrelated to Katie's birthday.. ..Haley and I played
on the construction stuff outside the Doghouse.
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