Album:2006:04-27 Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills again.


This time I performed a blues piece with a small troupe, and I they had some blues competitions. I entered some. I sucked in the Jack and Jill prelims but kicked ass in the couples prelims (with Karissa). For some reason I made it to the Jack and Jill finals but not the couples. There you go.

Kim Massie on Thursday.
She's excellent
Danny dances with Leah Gover Jen and Chocolate Jeff
Mark making a show.
My host Jen.
She rocks. Haley couldn't make it this year, so she told me to give Jen a flower. Here she is posing with the flower tucked into her bosom.
Mike the Girl.
Always a pleasure.
Dancing w/ Heidi
[photo Leslie of STL]
We went to City Museum.
Karissa climbing out of the ground.
Jeremy's feet on the big slide! Big Joe was amusing
to bring along, to see what he could fit through.
..surprisingly he could fit
through most spaces, maybe just a little slower than the rest of us.
Big Joe working his way through a tunnel. Karissa and the Gryphon. Karissa is the Gryphon. Our crew,
having a ball. Ha. Get it? A ball. Ha.
In the catacombs,
at the bottom of the grain chute.
Mandy trapped in the catacombs. Karissa up in the ceiling Bryant and Karissa in a tunnel
Karissa with Jeremy..
..And then.. umm.. Steven and Virginie
taught blues workshops.
We performed Speakeasy
on Saturday night. [Video 22M, Bryant or Luke??]
During our performance
[photo Leslie of STL]
A crew of us went to sushi,
and AJ actually smiled for a photo.
There was a solo blues contest Topher and Karissa entered.
And they were great. Karissa blues dancing,
though doesn't this look like a City Museum photo? ;)
Kelly [Detroit]
was technically amazing and should have won.
She did the freakin' Snake Hips.
Karissa in the semi-finals House party,
late late night. Solomon and Topher and Kent's head.
Amber from Dallas area And I delay my flights for..
City Museum!
Because AJ and Chocolate Jeff
hadn't seen it yet.
Youth-blender AJ on the ropes. Jeff being born.
Exhausted and happy
[photo Leslie of STL]
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