Album:2006:04-20.Speakeasy Blues Performance

Damon and Heidi put together a one-shot blues troupe to do a performance to Nine Below Zero. We performed it at the 9:20 Special.

Someone happened to video about half the performance as well.

All photos courtesy Romeo.

Getting suited up. Dexter dips. The slide Square
Dip Coming up How's that, how's that??
Did I do good, huh, did I?
Dexter and Liz
The men shake
their booty.
The fast dip Coming up. Drag
The final dip. The crowd at 9:20 Special The performance
starts with our vignettes.
The women shake
their booty.
The fast dip. Coming up. Checking out the women's
asses. It's part of the choreography, I swear it!
The men roll down.
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