Album:2006:04-16 Vegan-Strudel

Haley and I decided to finally try out vegan strudel.

It was frightening how awesome it was.

Someday, you see, Haley and I are going to start a vegan desserts company thingy. We've nailed down vegan or non-dairy forms of: caramel, cookies, cheesecake, cheesecake cookie bars, peanut butter mousse parfait, and now strudel. Yeeha!

Thanks to Stephanie's Bakery in San Diego for the inspiration.

Haley in the kitchen. Haley preparing to roll
the first strudel.
The food sanitation board
did not approve of our taste-testing techniques
Even though it's vegan,
we still have to kill it.
Dave working on another roll. Some of the final results!
(The rest were in our belly).
Slicing the next batch. And Haley decrees,
the strudel is tasty!
Haley brought Amoebae,
who was nice to me this weekend.
Though I wasn't nice back. So Amoebae tried to hide. A second strudel attempt:
chocolate topping didn't work so well. Next time powdered sugar.
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