Album:2006:03-31 Atlanta Lindy Exchange

Atlanta Exchange. I get out to see my east coast friends and have the expected great time. I was hosted by Javi and Bert, at quite a party house, I generally got to sleep by 8am. I've neglected the East coast exchanges for far too long, and it's wonderful to see all these dancers that I'm just getting to know.

On top of that, I also got a chance to briefly see my college buddy Dana who I hadn't seen in over a decade.

Furthermore, I have been immortalized on Glen's quote page for:

No sleeves.
Big pants.
Long hair.

It's my style.

I'm Dave Madison.
King Sized
the band on Friday night
..had a king sized lead singer. And they were really good.
[Video, 12M]
Bert [ATL, host] and Eden [Savannah]
The late night
was in a church, which is an interesting place to blues.
Bert looking mischevious
and Tela (sp?)
Friday late night
[photo Keither]
Jewel [DC]
who I met at SDNY when she taught me how to pole dance. On top of that, she's great to dance with. It so happens I finally ordered my own pole this weekend, hats off to Jewel.
Disco Dan [SF] Mike the Girl
braids my hair at the Saturday dance [photo Dennis Goetz]
Atlanta had some performances
for us. I made a bet with someone that one of those turbans was coming off. I won my bet.
Keither, photographer extraordinaire.
Jodie [ATL]
on the fast acting LindyCam
Les Still and his big band,
completely and totally rocked. They were one of the absolute best big bands I have ever heard, they completely know how to swing. [Video, 18M]
Jodie and Dave,
and their tongues.
Great hair shot
for both Mike and I on Sat night [photo Keither]
Great leg shot
[photo Keither]
Great laugh shot
[photo Keither]
We decided at the Sat late night
it would be a good idea to see what happened..
..if we snorted Emergen-C,
the sugary vitamin enriched energy drink mix.
Somehow, I convinced Glen [FL]
that this was something he should do.
And evidently,
it burned.
But, hey, why not try again! Glen's first attempt,
he fumbles slightly as a new addict. [Video, 13M]
..But goes back for more!
[Video, 10M]
The excellent Karas [FL] Adrian, another lovely Knoxville follow. Jewel [DC] and Jess [DC],
making the most amazing face ever caught on film.
Eden [Savannah] The late night on Sunday
was at some 'Scottish' building called the Solarium. Neat place.
Megan [Knox]
making her pirate face, as she prepares to go to Herrang and be initiated into the Herrang Pirate Crew.
The last dance was funk
with Michelle [photo David Rothenberg]
Which turned to shenanigans
[photo Bert]
But it was much fun
[photo Bert]
[photo Bert]
Before flights,
Eden, Danny, Michelle and I went to eat at a 24 hour quasi-vegan chinese restaurant! Massive storms rolled in and hailed everywhere. Yeeha!
I got massively ill
at the airport though. Could just be a coincidence.
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