Album:2006:03-24 Sacramento Exchange

Sacramento (thanks to the Midtown Stomp crew) put on an epic exchange that smacked down SFLX'05. For shame, San Francisco. Anyways, it was a great time, thanks to awesome dancers and Barbara Morrison and some great floors.
Disco Dan
was our ride to Sacramento
Sleepy Dave Haley mocks
my sleepiness.
Solomon on piano
[photo Gover]
I had an awesome dance
with Carolyn [SEA] [photo Gover]
Which Gover happened
to catch. Bless you, Bryant. [photo Gover]
Hey, I look strong here!
[photo Gover]
Dancing with Carolyn
[photo Gover]
As Carolyn would say,
MWAH! [photo Gover]
And then there was
crawling around.. [photo Gover]
..and jumping
[photo Gover]
It was an awesome dance
[photo Gover]
Bryson [UT] and Sondra [SEA]
demonstrates her sexy nose picking.
Mike and Emily [UT]
became 'friends' during the Mormon Invasion last year.
Dancing with Karissa [SEA]
[photo Gover]
She's a pirate captain's
perfect first mate [photo Gover]
[photo Gover]
We had a big dinner
at Nicole's house
People, of course, started dancing. Old school rockstar Allen [SF/SAC]
resurfaced recently
Eddie and Carl
from Sweden made it to the exchange.
Dave and his ladies
with a sneaky Bryant creeping up behind.
Barbara Morrison
graces the stage. [photo Gover]
Kyle's [SF->LA] the DJ!
[photo Gover]
The Saturday Night dance
[photo Gover]
Barbara Morrison
[photo Gover]
Chris from Colorado
[photo Gover]
Haley HaleyButt
dancing with Thai [SF]
Dancing with Renee
of Corvallis [photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
Goofy with Haley
[photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
[photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
[photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
[photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
Gettin' low with Spider
[photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
Dancing with a follow
and a balloon [photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
Barbara Morrison
wails away (with Carolyn [SEA] in front)
Barbara joins the dancers.. ..and starts a dance line.
After the dance, Karissa [SEA].. ..decides to backwards somersault.. ..across the room.. ..without touching the ground..
..thanks to the help
of a number of Lindy Hoppers.
Carolyn [SEA] rocks Mike and Emily [UT]
got engaged at the dance!
They had a jam.
Emily with Shaheed [LA]
Cid [SAC] with Spider [Vegas]
who also rocks, at the daytime dance.
Haley's belly
[photo Scottie L]
Dancing with Haley again
[photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
Dipping Haley
is a natural thing. [photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
[photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
More Blues aerials.
What's up with that nonsense? [photo courtesy Rabscuttle]
Monkey face
with Valerie B [SAC] [photo Gover]
Which I guess
didn't scare her off. [photo Gover]
Haley and Colorado Chris
[photo Gover]
Haley and Colorado Chris
[photo Gover]
The Exchange Crew
(late night Sunday) [photo Gover]
Andrew stole Jeremy's shirt.
It was retrieved
by a stable of women.
I don't think it bothered Andrew
too much.
Andrew put up a good fight
but eventually lost (though he paid Angelica back via a through-the-shirt bra removal.
And Jeremy got his shirt back.
The Sunday late night hot tub crew
stars in an Obsession Ad
And Vic [SEA]
demonstrates his Marilyn Manson pose.
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