Album:2006:03-08 Amber Visits

My friend Amber from Baton Rouge came to San Francisco to visit.

While here we were beseiged by a hail storm (and some dinosaurs).

The world is ending!

During the hail storm we had a snowball fight with Michael Collins and Marissa Marquez, they donated the cellphone photos and video, thanks to a business card passed between moving cars. Snowball fights and car stunts!

I had to move my bus,
so we took a quick tour. [photo Amber]
We went to Stow Lake
on a chilly day. [photo Amber]
Fuzzy ogre,
ponders waterfall [photo Amber]
Fuzzy ogre,
conquers waterfall! [photo Amber]
Playing up top
[photo Amber]
Amber in the trees Amber climbing up
the waterfall
Amber is shocked!
after the pterodactyl leaves.
Look, a pterodactyl Reeling from the mesozoic era attack Amber surveys the brave new
Cenozoic era,
But then another ice age rolled in.
First came some rain.
Undaunted, we climbed Twin Peaks
and saw Market St from up high [photo Amber]
Then came the snow and hail.
In San Francisco. What the hell?! [photo Amber]
Hail on the front
of my car [photo Amber]
A thin blanket of snow [photo Amber]
Some wild snow-hooligans
drove along next to us [photo Amber]
They managed to get a shot
of my car, in the hail and snow. [photo courtesy Hooligans]
The hooligans,
perched to attack with a snowball [photo Amber]
They launched the snowball,
but it landed in my lap and I threw it back and pegged the driver! [Video, 1.6M] [video courtesy Hooligans]
My car with snow,
down in the Mission [photo Amber]
We went to see
the Asylum Street Spankers, who totally rock.
[Video, 1.2M]
They had a little vocal jam.
Spanker's Vocal jam
[Video, 1.3M]
Shave 'em dry
[Video, 1.6M]
Christine of the Spankers
[photo Amber]
We went to Alcatraz,
the only SF touristy thing I can tolerate [photo Amber]
Dave, attempting escape
from his life sentence on the cold rock. [photo Amber]
Tormented every day
from my cell by the view of sweet freedom [photo Amber]
The steamy side
of the Castro [photo Amber]
Amber gets a birthday cake
[photo Amber]
Happy Birthday Amber!
[photo Amber]
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