Album:2006:02-24 Tangoed Up In Blues

Mihai had another Tangoed Up In Blues event.

Just like Mihai's last event (Winter Blues), I managed to get myself a severe back injury on the first day (unrelated to dancing) and couldn't do the classes. I think Mihai's events are cursed. Or I am cursed. Or both.

It was fun anyways, and I had some great blues dancing and got to see some of my good people. Best of all, I instigated Mihai and we pioneered a Strictly Blues Contest that rocked because it was:
  1. At a blues dancing event
  2. Organized by blues dancers
  3. Danced to blues music
  4. Judged by blues dancers
  5. Judged based on blues dancing!
And the contest was amazing. Haley and I made it to the finals.

Many photos courtesy amazing photog Bryant Gover and Lynne Koehlinger.

Romeo captured an mp3 of Hareesh and Kevin jamming on the last night.

Mischevious Topher.
Mischevious cat.
Kermit and the wonderful Karen [AUS]
[photo Lynne]
Tango dancers
[photo Lynne]
Great photo of Friday
night at Broadway Studios [photo Lynne]
Vic and Carolyn [SEA]
[photo Lynne]
Laura from Austin.
She rocks. [photo Bryant]
Haley volunteered
at the door, and became a helper goddess. [photo Bryant]
Speaking of Haley..
[photo Lynne]
Laura and Topher [SEA]
cleaned up the contest and took first. [photo Bryant]
Cid dances with little Carolyn
from Seattle [photo Bryant]
My buddy Romeo
is learning to dance, here with help from Laura. This photo was later painted by Mike The Girl and used as the flyer for Enter The Blues [photo Bryant]
Warmup song for the Blues Contest.
They told us it wasn't going to be judged, and then they played a song with a bit of a country twang. Hilarity ensued. [Video, 50M]
Contest fast song
[Video, 15M]
Contest slow song
[Video, 80M]
Contest spotlight
[Video, 56M]
Late night Sunday
is at the Fulton Blues [photo Bryant]
And I unwittingly waited
until then to dance with Jackie.. [photo Bryant]
.. Oops.
[photo Bryant]
Okay, so that was a bit retarded,...
[photo Bryant]
..but I hadn't danced
with her before. [photo Bryant]
Ah well - next year.
[photo Bryant]
Again, dozens crashed
at the SF Lindy Hotel.
And I hosted the late night party
on Sunday
Kevin and Hareesh jammed
(and here's a recording - 9m22s, 4.4M)
And Vic gave us a little dance jam
to match (though not in this photo..)
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