Album:2006:02-14 Pillow Fight Club

On Valentine's Day I was informed by the Cacophony Club of a Pillow Fight Club event. Everyone was supposed to bring a pillow hidden in a bag, then when the clocktower struck 6pm, a massive pillow fight broke out. Sadly, my friend Romeo and I got stuck in horrible traffic, but we made it to the middle of the fight and it was amazing.

All photos courtesy Romeo.

Overlooking the Bay Bridge
was where the mayhem began.
It was massive,
a hundred or more pillow fighters.
A very official crew
overlooks the proceedings.
There were feathers
covering the floor, from dozens of dead pillow weapons.
I unsheath my mighty weapon And attack,
using all my pillow fighting training gained from the great masters.
The mayhem was glorious. That's my pants,
in the middle there.
Chain of pillow death. Eyargh! Santa was in the crowd. And then it was naptime.
The feathers
were a challenge to my allergies.
It was like snow.
But feathers. And not freezing. Or wet. And you couldn't make a snowman out of it. But just like snow.
I get attacked
by pink shirt woman and fight back with the tenacity of a thousand Pillowraptors.
I am victorious! Official Pillow Fight Club Officials,
officially taking the official results.
Romeo the photographer
braved his life to enter into the Pillow Fight with nary a soft weapon, just to bring back these pictures for us.
Pillow fighter Dave!
[Video] Throngs of white pillows [Video] [Video] Pillow feather explosions [Video] Pillows, pillows everywhere!
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