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I went to my second LindyGras. It was excellent. I rode a bull, I taught some pole dancing, I took hundreds of photos, I even danced.
Attendance was somewhat light this year because many Lindy Hoppers pussied out and didn't come after the Katrina hurricane destruction. Pussies, all of you!
I also took way too many photos, thanks to the acquisition of a 2G memstick. In many years that won't seem like much, but now it's Sha'Zam!
A single dance with Laura,
many photos.
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Al Carson was playing
at one of the Thursday Pub Crawl destinations.
Al Carson is a big man.
He advertises that. I'm told he lives above the bar and then he comes down and sits to perform. During breaks he stays in his seat. He's a big man, and a talented blues singer.
Danny, Chris and I
decided that Amy wasn't ready to leave yet. we stole her shoe.
..and then she couldn't go. After the pub crawl,
we had a late night at Keith's house in the French Quarter.
And the first of many
LindyGras dancing ghosts started to appear.
Driving in the back seat
of Lisette's car gave us foreshadowing to how many people it could fit.
Danny begins practicing
his new career in Ladies Wrestling.
And Alysia eventually falls. [Video 22M] Danny wrestling Alysia I'm King Of The LindyGras!
I discover a Jazz Band on the street.
Bad photo, but they wailed
Liz who I met at SoFlex
David Kellerman [SF]
looks drunk (probably because he is)
Alysia in a dip Michelle [Mich] After the dance on Friday,
we stopped at the mechanical bull bar.
I convinced Danny to ride the bull,
and he did a fine job of fully utilising the knowledge behind his Physics degree.
[Video 7M] Danny rides the bull. Then it was time for me
to take that Bull.
And oh did it try to buck me. And the bull almost won.
But it couldn't shake me. And then the bull started to move. Dear god,
someone help me!
But I can handle this..
Yeeha! And actually,
it was pretty damn slow at first.
And not terribly hard
to stay on.
But then it picked up.
Yippee Kai Yay! And finally,
the machine won.
I obscenely pose
with my new mechanical "buddy"
And I get a sticker on my ass.
Then the ladies took the pole. Up on top of the bar. Lisette, our host,
showed us her wild side.
Danny decided to join.
So I figured I should show them
some of what I learned in San Diego at FireMarks.
Pole Tricks, 101. From this,
it was determined that I should teach a pole dancing class. We went back to the bar and it was closed!
But we decided to make due
with a street pole instead.
Gary [Aus]
frightens us all with his takeaway lesson from San Diego FireMarks.
On Saturday,
Danny worked more on his Ladies Wrestling title. You can't win them all, DannyBoy.
Then we saw
the Krewe du Vieux Parade.
Which had some great music.
And some good humor. Mostly regarding sex,
FEMA and the utilities.
It's good to see a sense of humor. Mandatory Evacuation, get it?
[Video 16M] Parade band [Video 26M] Parade band and skeletons Show 'em your tits
and get lots of beads!
Our parade crew.
LtoR: ??, Alysia, JP, Danny, Dave, Jamie Sue, Jesus Dave [TX]
Dancing with Laura Laura
Michelle [Mich] The backseat starts to
collect more people. This is only five.
So I decide to climb across the back
and make it six. I think there are two people under me, and I'm not sure who's playing with my hair, but I don't think it's Danny.
Gallier Hall
Amber laughs.
Shirt reads: "The Chief Export Of Chuck Norris Is Pain"
Saturday Late
at the House of Blues, Brien [SEA] and Laura [AUS]
More Lindy Ghosts.
Jeff and Alysia and Jeff and Alysia. (He took a flash during my flash/long exposure shot)
What the!
Hokah hey! dsc03385 Housemate Chris Stewart
Sunday morn,
heading off to the park, crashed in the car.
Mike [AUS]
makes for good photos from up high.
Dancing at the park. In a big rotunda thingy. Laura [AUS] totally rocks.
Possibly having to do with oranges. Or maybe that made things better. Hard to tell. Melinda [BatonRouge or SoFl?]
Jeff assaulted a caramel apple. And Sharon crashed. Mike [AUS]
was celebrating his 4 year anniversary with Laura :)
The house crew,
plus some honorary house guests.
Then we decide to road trip
by the full moon way out to Middendorf's
It's out in the middle of the Bayou. An hour or so away,
and evidently people drive out here just for the fried catfish (which is pretty good).
The other end of the table.
On my end is Robert [NoLa]
and Michelle [Windsor?]
On Sunday Eve
we go to the usual, the Rock and Bowl, for bowling and dancing.
The Rock & Bowl
is fortunately on the second floor of this strip mall which was flooded, the whole first floor is destroyed.
You know you're in the South when...
After Rock & Bowl
we go to the French Quarter for "late night" though most is closed. We crowd into Pat O'Briens.
Liz [SoFl]
[photo Thai Tran]
Chocolate Jeff
always puts on a good show.
Especially if he has a hat.
Joanna [SoFl] Shawn [SF]
is a die-hard LindyGras attendee.
Umm... Pat O'Brien's closed,
and we hit the streets. Everything seemed closed but we found a dacquiri shop and took it over.
We packed it with Lindy Hoppers.. ..and took over the jukebox. I had promised another pole dancing class,
but the bar was closed.
But we found a pole
at the dacquiri shop, and class resumed. [photo Thai Tran]
I explain some basics to Sharon
about pole connection and back arch.
And demonstrate the stripper flip.
That would be hot if I was a chick, no?[photo Thai Tran]
Sharon prepares herself. Arching the back is crucial.
And head up. And those two previous photos
are freakin' hysterical as an animation (click again to see animation)
Lisa Marie
on the pole. [photo Thai Tran]
Sharon [SoFl?]
was an excellent student. [photo Thai Tran]
Amber makes some extra money
[photo Thai Tran]
Lenore was a natural.
[photo Thai Tran]
Lisa Marie
came back for more.
A line began.
Enough alcohol mixed with dancing and eventually there will be a conga line of some fashion.
Liz and Joanna,
friends of Tiffany [SoFl]
And then more pole classes,
talking to Michelle and Sharon about body weight on the pole.
Okay, now that's
just terrifying.
Danny has pole experience
but not training, and he decides to remedy that. [photo Thai Tran]
Danny practicing the slide. And again I get caught
demonstrating the stripper flip.
"Golly Chris, thanks,
but I already got manhandled today."
Amber wants to try
the pole in private.
This is her "no photos" look. Seriously, I think Lenore
has a new career.
The saddest thing ab..ndyGras post-Katrina
was seeing Bourbon Street completely empty at 4am. Screw everyone who didn't come!
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