Album:2006:02-02 Jade Visits
Jade came to SF
to work at the SF office for her job because she's thinking about moving, I picked her up after work.
She wanted to see some neighborhoods,
and we came across The Saloon playing blues.
Driving in the car,
action shot while driving! Dangerous multitasking!
Romeo was still
crashing at my place, this is his dog LeeLee. [photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
[photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
Haley and Jade and I
went to a taqueria after taking a Blues Teacher's Class [photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
I had a new 2G memstick,
so I started taking billions of photos. This one is kind of surreal.
Haley happily obliged.. her sudden supe..modeling assignment. Oh my! And then, the HaleyMonster. And it just got worse.
And then I died. Danny,
humiliating The Jade. [photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
Jade at Friday Night Blues Haley, at FNB
Jade is very well-trained
in the special Jade Face. [photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
A grinning Jade. Little Boss,
master of faces.
Jade becomes the next victim
of my endless multi-shutter, and this produces yet another surreal photo.
JadeLion? For some reason,
she thinks that putting her hair down will protect her.
But the shutter doesn't stop. JadeProfile.
When in sudden motion,
it looks like Jade has an alien escaping from the back of her head.
Many photos were deleted
in order to bring you this selection today.
Some may wonder if t.. process was random,
but I'm just not a great photographer.
The Pork Store Cafe.
Not a Pork Store, and delicious!
The JadeFace, again. We cruised up to Twin Peaks
and had some Chinese food with Romeo, though it was awfully foggy. [photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
These are my big pants.
[photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
Air is tasty yummy.
Hanging out on Haight Street. [photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
I am pointing at something.
[photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
Jade wanted to see Golden Gate Park.
There were children there, as expected. [photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
Jade the photographer. Shadow Play
[photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
Jade and I found
a carousel. [photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
Ride that pony!
[photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
Jade on the Carousel Riding the kitty.
Jade again is And out comes JadeKitty! Though she can't hold it for long. Which gives us the JadePout.
Combined, we have the new invention,
JadeKittyPout. Or JadePoutKitty??
A laughing Jade [Video, 10M] Jade is impatient. [Video, 20M] Stuntwoman Jade
switches rides midstream.
Jade took some photos
of the city using my Motorola RAZR V3i phone
Not bad for a little phone. .. ..
It was spring according to the trees,
but February according to time. [photo courtesy Little Boss Jade]
With a wild hair fluff,
Jade pets Mr. Peterson on her monitor perch.
In the Triumph,
dropping Jade off for her trip to San Jose.
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