Album:2006:01-19 SoFlex
Glen [FL] has a love affair
with Sweet Tomatos buffet restaurant that I completely don't understand.
Karissa [SEA] (next to Amy [ATL])
has a love affair with playing with her food.
Karissa dancing
at the Millenium.
Keither taking photos
host extraordinaire of the 5 star SoFl Lindy Hotel
Thai [SoFl?] Jerry
DJ Roy
now lives in SF, fortunately.
Sayra and Karis (pro..ced "Carass") [SoFl] Dancing w/ Karis
[photo courtesy Milton]
Milton has a way
of inspiring fine moments in me. [photo courtesy Milton]
is a ride co-ordinator goddess
Sat? dance Jen [StL]
came to SoFlex! :)
The women of SoFlex put on quite a show..
..which was nice for all of us. Amber [Louisiana]
and Jeremy [DC]
Amber excels at laughing
and making faces.
Dancing with Dee
[photo courtesy Keither]
[photo courtesy Keither]
[photo courtesy Keither]
[photo courtesy Keither]
This is with Heather [Memphis] and unfortunately I am blocking a great shot of her hair. [photo courtesy Keither]
and he demonstrates different disco dance styles with his fingers.
..But I was evidently
wanting to kiss the camera. [photo courtesy Keither]
The uncageable Jodie [ATL] Glen [SoFl] is caught
attacking Lisa Maria [SoFl]
Luke [Chico]
is part of a massage train,
Dancing w/ Andrea
[photo courtesy Milton]
More Milton shots
[photo courtesy Milton]
Tiffany on the floor.
How does Milton do it? :) [photo courtesy Milton]
I see a beach on the Atlantic
for the first time in probably a decade or two. which Jeremy and Karissa [SEA]
go for a swim
And then came the Florida weather,
and a rain storm rolled in and the horizon disappeared. We were dancing in an outdoor mall getting soaked, and it was probably my favorite time of the whole exchange.
Dancing with Jen
in the rain.
Thao [SEA->Bos]
at the outdoor mall dance.
Karis [SoFl]
who I met at ALX'05
Megan [Knoxville] The outdoor mall,
after the rain washed away.
..with it's very Flo..n style mallishness.
Such awesomeness
[photo J Cartelli]
Kellijean, our hostess fantastic Jodie adorable.
Jay [Korea] was at SoFlex
[photo courtesy Milton]
Did I mention that Milton
inspires the best photos? [photo courtesy Milton]
some other word, like "best" but meaning "silly" instead. [photo courtesy Milton]
Amy [ATL]
I had an awesome dance
with Shermalyn [photo Hinkle]
[photo Hinkle]
aka "Sherm"
from NC [photo Hinkle]
Excellent funtastic.
[photo Hinkle]
Dancing with Thai
[photo Hinkle]
Heather [Memphis]
and I bonded over a mutually awesometastic experience at City Museum during STLBX'05.
Jenna [Chi]
was superfun to dance with.
and so does Megan
[Knox], at the Sunday dance
Tiffany [SoFl]
is evidently my wife, or at least I look like her husband.
Michelle [Windsor, CA]
claims to be from Detroit. It may look like I'm punching her in this photo - but that's just my lead hand, folks.
We get a ride to the airport
courtesy Amanda
The backseat.
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