Album:2006:01-13 ULX

I made it out to the Utah Lindy Exchange this year. I got to see all the people from the Mormon Invasion.

ULX is an interesting collection - about 40% Utah, 40% Colorado, 10% Seattle and 10% San Francisco. That's the power of connections :)

Sara and Karissa [SEA],
very tired.
A ghostly Sara and Miranda [SEA]
Jeremy and Carolyn [SEA], very tired. Cid [Sac],
But somehow Utah
is not tired.
Shy Sara
hides from the paparazzi
Because Sara
is also tired.
..(and grumpy :)
Glen makes us go
to Sweet Tomatoes, an awful buffet restaurant that he seems to love.
And they have "all you can eat"
ice cream cones!
Which Joe decides
aren't big enough.
Joe also decides that his mouth
is big enough.
[movie, 8M] Disgustingly,
he is correct.
Dancing with Si [Co] and looking like a monkey with bad intentions (neither of which is the case)
ULX has a "polygamy dance contest" And as leads get disqualified,..
..the follows stay
and join leads that are left.
..until each lead ha..bout 8 or 9 follows. Now that's Utah! It's hard to swingout with 9 follows.
Carolyn rocks..
[photo Carolyn]
We decided
to have a glamour photo [photo Carolyn]
..And Sara joined.
[photo Carolyn]
ULX had many massive
IHOP parties.
And our gay waiter
gave one of our men his intentional euphemistic dessert.
Dave and Cid
at IHOP(?). [photo Carolyn]
[MP4 movie] Joe makes Ice Cream!
(from original - 20M)
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