Album:2005:12-29 San Diego New Year

San Diego, New Years 2005/2006, Rhythmic Arts Festival.

I almost didn't go this year for philosophical reasons, but so many of my favorite dancers were there that I drove down with Heidi and Haley.

I stayed at the now infamous FireMark Hotel which has broken the hosting record previously held by my SF Lindy Hotel and Jeremy's Seattle house.
Wow. FireMark and Bryant sure set an unbreakable hosting standard.

I entered the "Blues Dance Contest" which turned out to be a misnomer and a mistake. I should have paid more attention to the contest disclaimer: "any and all dance forms are allowed in this contest" - so in the end it was a "Blues Music Dance Contest" - and had little to do with "Blues Dancing" as most of us define it (though I had an interesting discussion with Chance who doesn't believe that such a definition exists, per se). Such is life, I hope to see other "Blues Dance Contests" come up that actually stick to what we canonically know as "Blues Dancing" - because I think that would be lots of fun and educational for the dancers who haven't discovered our little slice of Lindy-related dancing.

Lindy Club.
FireMark broke the Lindy Exchange hosting record with over 34 people in a house filled with bunk beds. This is the 'garage bunker' which was very Herrang-like.
HaleyMo and I
entered the Blues Dance Contest (which actually turned out to be a Blues/Lindy Contest. Oh well.) [photo by Marc Dodobara (Lindyshutterbug)]
Carolyn (Sea)
did the Solo Charleston contest
FireMark's harem,
all the women who stayed in the house. The photo is grainy, but here's who I can make out, top->bottom: Heidi (SF), ?, Esly (Korea), Chris (Co), Nicole? (Sac), ?, ?, Karen, ?, Lydia, ?, Laura (Tx), Emily (Tx), Bailey (Sac), Tro, Jewel. Missing: Anna, and ??
Dave and the ladies
(I'm the long-hair at the bottom)
Loads of people in the house,
we spent much time in the Kitchen. [photo courtesy Thai Tran]
And that's where I had Nicole (Sac)
braid my hair for the New Years. [photo courtesy Thai Tran]
Though there was also
dancing often going on. [photo courtesy Thai Tran]
Dancing with Jay/Grapefruit
from Korea
and looking like a monkey.
I'm an expert at that, I think.
Haley dancing with Brien (Sea) Rye and Laura (SF)
Shauna (SD)
is a vet
FireMark, of course, has a pole.
And the pole dancing begins with Anna and Bailey.
Which has a happy crowd. Bailey
also performs for us. [photo courtesy Thai Tran]
As does Tro
[photo courtesy Thai Tran]
Tro (ex-SF) takes on the pole. But nobody,.. nobody..
does it like Chocolate Jeff
Bailey attempts
the upside-down slide, but slides too fast.
Tro figures out that more skin
is needed to grasp the pole. We suggested that she remove her pants, but she wouldn't listen.
Miss Jade,
from SD (previously Philly)
Haley attacks the pole
with a dancer's fervor.
Sometimes the pole attacks back. But she doesn't give up. Haley practices some more.
We ended up having a pole dancing class
thanks to Jewel (not pictured)
Carolyn took some nudging
to attack the pole, but then..
Carolyn gives us her sexy face.
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