Album:2005:12-03 Birthday
Earlier we went to Nick's Crispy Tacos
for the best fish tacos North of San Diego [photo Hinkle]
Before dancing,
Amoebae and Haley and I went to Maggie Mudds for the best damn vegan shakes ever
We met up
with Danny, Kermit and crew. [photo Hinkle]
[photo Hinkle]
who actually surprised me
with a birthday ice cream thing.
I guess I'm only 1 year old. Dancing w/ Kathy
and looking drunk
Dana, and
now I look.. umm.. deficient.
And asleep..
Damn, I look like crap for 34.
My friend Jessie L.
made me this surreal birthday card by editing photos from my friend Justin's bday
It was the same weekend
as the SF Bal Festival, and I think I had a party at my house, but I can't really remember. That's Shauna from SD. [photo Hinkle]
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