Album:2005:12-02 Boxing-with-Valerie-and-Glen

Valerie [SAC] and Glen [Travelling] were hanging out at the SF Lindy Hotel and we decided to have another boxing match, which turned out very funny.
Glen and I attempted
foot boxing, which turned out very lame.
Dave pulls back to load
the SuperFistOfDeath ™
Glen blocks Clocked!
Then Glen takes on Valerie. Glen is ready to fight.
Valerie is ready to laugh.
So Glen tackles Valerie. Picks her up.
And puts her in her place. Valerie makes a tentative punch. I get Valerie
ready to fight to the death. [photo Reed]
While Glen
teaches Joanne how to punch. [photo Reed]
She's got the form..
[photo Reed]
But then they fight
like girls. [photo Reed]
[Video, 16.4M] How girls fight.
No amount of instigation could get them riled up.
[Video, 5.9M] They a.. fought in this one,
but then desires for social intimacy won out.
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