Album:2005:11-18 Austin Lindy Exchange

After many years of truancy, I finally made it back to Austin for a Lindy Exchange. It's not clear to me why I missed so many years, but it is clear to me that it was a mistake. Damn, I love Austin.
My first hostess Mary,
until her dog's dander got the better of me.
dancing with Hanna (Aus) [photo Gover]
Saturday we saw The Sinus Show
which is a very funny MST-like thing [photo Gover]
It was a large crowd
for that early. [photo Gover]
Movie: Top Gun
Scene: Shower Time [photo Gover]
We briefly went to Lindy in the Park
at LBJ Library on campus, but then we realized we were starving and got some food.
And Tina,
organizer extraordinaire, was receiving a deserving massage.
The glorious Fed,
where I've done most of my Austin dancing
Kris Kimura Quintet
was playing for us.
Shaheed (LA) and Laura (Aus) And Laura's boy, Mike Sunday dance at the Zilker Clubhouse
Dave eats Lemons!
Dave Lindy's with Mary! Dave feels good! [photo Gover]
Standing upon my heightened watchtower.. ..I get some nice photos
[photo Gover]
Looking like I'm snubbing Jeff,
we're actually just having a conversation [photo Gover]
Dave and Firemark (SD)
[photo Gover]
Yeeah! Ms. Anna,
Improv Queen
(from Louisana?)
Johanna (Atl) demonstrates "pig nose"! Wandering motorcycle dancer Glen and .. little Cassiope ('Si')
(oddly pronounced Kah-sy-o-pee)
Speaking of Glen,
he took some great photos of me [photo Glen]
Use those feet! Yeeha! My second host
(and host from my last Austin visit) Sherry
And my first host Mary's dogs,
Harley and..
Jezebel [Video] Lindy Hoppers do very silly things
if you gather them together in the daytime.
We ate dinner at som..staurant on a cliff. Kenny made a habit
of wearing a strange costume to every event.
A toast!
(to something?)
Stray cats! My host Sherry
has some stray kittens she takes care of, and I totally wanted to take home at least two of the three on the right (especially the little black one)
[Video] A great dance with Laura,
who rocks. Unfortunately it's quite dark, so you'll need to have a viewer with brightness control.
Dancing w/ Kelly (CO) Stephanie turned out to be interesting,
even though she was from Denver. We'll forgive her that transgression.
also from Colorado, at the late, late Sunday dance.
Si again.
Karen is an angel.
She's also from Austin. And this is a terrible picture of her, but the only one I have from ALX. She's much more lovely than this.
And so is Melanie.
This is also a terrible picture... Melanie is my #1 diehard dancer in Austin, always willing to go find blues somewhere.
Hanna (Aus)
is one of Mel's friends that I hung out with during my last trip, and her Lindy has become even more awesome.
Charlotte (Aus)
is actually someone I met at HiLX'03 and neither of us recognized the other until the late late Sunday dance. Oops. That's funny considering she was my #1 singing partner on the Luau bus ride.
Charlotte also demonstrates
my new favorite pose, "Pig Nose"
Tiffany from Florida
is someone I also didn't meet until Sunday late late. It's like I wasn't even at the exchange or something..
Glen and Karen Don (FL),
previously famous for being Haley Kruse's brother, is now famous in his own right.
Austin would not be complete
without a trip to T.C.'s bar
Tina (FL->SF->Aus) and Tina (FL->Aus) T.C.'s is a rundown bar,
but has great music.
At T.C.'s
First host Mary and Seth Walker
was playing Monday Blues again.
Seth and his band. Jamie (and her friend Rachel)
hosted a few of us for a super-duper late night where we played Truth or Dare, hot tubbed, and also reenacted Hamlet in 3 minutes. That's all I'm going to say about that.
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