Album:2005:11-17 Boxing

Sara from Seattle and Glenn, Lindy Traveller crashed at my place.

We decided it was time to don some gloves and have a boxing match.

Boxing matches are amusing ways for hardcore people like ourselves to pass the time.

I beat Sara easily because of my super ogre powers. After that, Sara and Glenn fought, and I bust out the camera.

Glen and Sara have a go. Sara has this strange defensive maneuver
that involves spinning around to put her back to her opponent. I'm not sure it would fare well in the professional ring.
[Video, 45M] Sara makes excuses,
but then we see Sara's Kung Fu
[Video, 54M] Dave at..with his controller,
but the boxers don't respond. However, we do get to see Sara's patented reversal spin defense.

Glen gets in an uppercut!
At least I think it's an uppercut. I don't actually know anything about boxing, but if I were to name this, I'd probably call it uppercut.
But Sara fights back! Glen goes in for the kill.
It looks like the match has gone to Glen.
But with a smashing head blow...

Glen is K.O.'d! Sara the Champion! To increase our rage-power,
Sara taught us a trick whereby you take a long exposure photo while wiggling your eyes back and forth.
The resulting photo is rather demonish.

But it mostly made Sara look cross-eyed. So she gave up being a demon And Glen and I finally took to battle. [Video, 34M] Start of battle,
Dave the Ogre goes psycho.

[Video, 27M] Boxing!
It may look like Glen is overpowering me and a better fighter, but in the end I ripped his head off and drank his blood. That's what us ogres do, it's not a personal thing.
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