Album:2005:10-28 Emerald-City-Blues

Seattle had it's first official blues event, after becoming well known for it's house parties. The event was very fun, lots of great dancers I've known and lots of great dancers I got to know.
We went to Minnie's for food.
Bryant was there, and a fun time as always.
Our server was actually
the "God Of Food" as he explained to us.
And at some point
he was talking about serving Orange Juice into Thai's hands, and I thought that would be great to see, and somehow I got suckered into being a part of it.
Laura (Austin)
being charming in class.
Esly (Korea)
taking a break during the classes.
The magnificent pirate, Karissa Lessa shows her true colors. Jen (Van)
thought it would make sense to stop by for only one day.
My doppleganger Peter (PDX)
and I disagreed.
Laura laughing Carolyn & Ashley
decided not to get dressed up for Halloween after all.
Prime pirate photographer Denise
Lessa (SEA) .. is an excellent, Tango-y blues dancer Kevin (SEA)
is often climbing on people or having people climb on him
.. sometimes people fall.
Erin's (Mich)
got Krump.
Erin and Carolyn give a little booty. Laura is listening
for oncoming trains.
(WA?) ended up being my roommate for the weekend.
Lydia Vic
is a character.
Sara and Yarrow. After the exchange,
we went out for a late night breakfast.
Yarrow Sara playing Scepter
(a knock-your-opponent-off-balance game thingy)
Dancing with Esly..
[photo Gover] heavenly
[photo Gover]
Check out my shiny pants!
[photo Gover]
My shiny pants
make optical illusions with my legs. [photo Gover]
Hair spin.
[photo Gover]
Laura and Mike (Aus)
[photo Gover]
Karissa rules
[photo Gover]
Solomon on piano
Sunday night [photo Gover]
Heather [Sac->HI] and Chris [OK]
[photo Gover]
Bryant and Kelly [MI]
Much to my surprise, this photo became one of the header photos for Emerald City Blues 2006.
[photo Gover]
Dancing with Sara
'no H'
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