Album:2005:10-22 Exotic-Erotic-Ball

Haley and I got VIP passes to the Exotic Erotic Ball, thanks to some help I gave the organizers.
HaleyMonster getting ready. muah! It is decided that,
in order for monsters to go to the Exotic Erotic Ball..
..a cat sacrifice must occur.
(Much to the dismay of Mr. Peterson T. Cat)
We arrive to a KISS cover band
on stage with some silicone dancing breasts.
The band and silicone [movie] Bounce bounce bounce.. Haley found a techno band.
..and of course she started to dance ..until eventually s..arted to feel silly,
being the only one dancing there.
There was a great alien costume. As well as this costume
which I had seen at Castro Halloween years before.
And a handsome ogre and HaleyMonster.
Haley's boots make me look small. I don't think I appreciate that.
We decided that we'd had enough silicone,
and we headed over to Emily's halloween party where we ran into the lovely Sarah.
Ogre noses often need picking. Haley and Sarah.
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