Album:2005:09-22 STLBX

STLBX is the St. Louis Lindy Blues Exchange.

It's the granddaddy of Blues Exchanges, and I finally got to go to my first which, sadly, will probably be the last STLBX. Ah well.

Dancing with Melissa?
[photo courtesy MrSpiff]
getting the late night ready
We went to City Museum again.
City Museum rocks!
Danny being born
in the caves
Jen down in the caves Our caving crew.
Danny, Bryn, Dave, Pier, Jen (SC->IL), Craig and Lydia
Dan rides the rope swing.
He doesn't follow my action footage directions well, though.
Danny running the bowl
in the skate park.
We started criss-cross running people
in the bowls.
Cid demonstrates his skate prowess,
minus the skateboard.
Go, Cid, Go! Kermit and Terri
re-enact the Luke/Leia crossing the chasm scene from Star Wars.
Susan risks her and my life
in a dangerous stunt
"The Making Of" video.
See stuntmen and women in action! [movie courtesy Kermit]
Happy Dave
after an exhausting series of running up and sliding back down. [photo Nathalie]
Jeff (AUS) and Esly ..had an amazing dance
at the City Museum dance.
It was fantastic. Jeff and Esly Lydia
[photo courtesy MrSpiff]
Dancing with Heather D.
[Memphis] [photo satoriglass]
The late night
was on the third floor of some theater, and it had this great window.
Kermit and Mike Solomon and ?? Danny and Beth C. had a chair dance.
That was amusing.
I never got to ask him why the heck he was inspired to dance up on some chairs.
Solomon in his best form. Saturday afternoon dance. At a (soaped) fountain, under the arch.
Some of the dancers
went up into the fountain.
Jen and Charlie. And Austin Tina Jennie got some photos
of Jen and I dancing
at the park on Saturday. I'm fond of them,.. But it may just be my familiarity
with the subjects.
But on Saturday morning
I was actually pretty exhausted [photo E. Dewan]
There were a half-dozen or so weddings
that were taking photos at the fountain, and we had to keep moving out of the way.
Rachael (CO) dancing at the fountain
with Shawn (Ontario)
Charlie and Esly Mike from SF. Erin got captured on film.
Erin got angry.
Erin was shocked.
So, Erin showed me her booty. Luke (Chico)
was doing video at the event and is an interesting guy.
Dave, Luke and Cid.
Luke also has a damn fine video camera. [photo Nathalie]
He let me play with his 3CCD camera
[photo M. Skora]
Gary is everywhere Natalie (Paris) Erin and Gary got involved
in some of those new-fangled, highly technical, three person blues aerials.
Cid decided to help... this at home, kids.
The fabulous international duo,
Esly (Korea) and Natalie (Paris)
Tina is always a barrel of laughs Posing with the international duo
[photo satoriglass]
Kim Massie is an amazing sensation,
and we were lucky to hear her sing.
Fire Mark
played the role of "Dr. Feelgood" for Kim Massie
Luke and Terri (Stl) Sometimes Mike is happy and friendly.
Sometimes not.
Samantha from Vancouver
was celebrating her 21st at the Sunday venue.
Kermit and Terri,
and that's Craig (Austin) laughing to their right.
Cid was looking a little too serious,
dancing with Natalie.
And then not. Dave, Esly, Nathalie, Cid and Luke.
After a fine exchange. [photo Nathalie]
Take two. [photo Nathalie]
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