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Burning Man again. :)

A string of continuous catastrophes plagued me from three days before Burning Man until the Temple Burn.

I should have been tipped off by my ticket confirmation number (which I did confirm was random :) which was "IHS0DUMBR"

Even though this was a very hard year, Burning Man is still a great place to be.

One of the highlights of this year was the fantastic group we pulled together. We met up with Romeo and Jen, and on top of that, Haley and I managed to coerce a bunch of first-timers to come up to the Playa.

Most amusing was Disco Dan, who I had failed to convince after 3 months of trying, and finally I called him at 2am the night we were packing and said "This is bullshit - pack up some gear, we're coming to get you."
He did, and had a great time. Next year we'll have a few more people and a theme camp of sorts - it's interesting to watch something like this grow organically instead of just joining a full-size theme camp as I did in the past (with all the drama that ensues from that).

I'm tempted to name our camp "The Original No Drama Theme Camp" in order to create some drama with the already existing "No Drama Theme Camp." :)

Driving Up
24 images
Propane Soccer
25 images
Aerial Photos
of BRC and Big Red Bus Camp
5 images
The man
as interpreted by an airplane. [photo Romeo]
We finally find the fantastic Romeo,
who, with Jen, managed to grab the land that we were supposed to show up in time for.
We accomplished this
by taking up the backyard of NAIR (Not Arson Island Resort) which was run by Monk
This year I actually brought something
to give to people that wasn't a 7 foot tall robot, these are dichroic necklaces that I made in my parents glass shop.
Haley getting suited up to hit the Playa In Gigsville
we found an interesting welded flower.
Haley and her
homemade bunnyBear hat [photo courtesy Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
The smoke ring machine
up close during a firing [photo courtesy Romeo]
Someone caught
this gorgeous shot of a smoke ring.
A beautiful
smoke circle [photo Romeo]
Romeo caught us
on the Thunderdome (we're right under the left of the lit sign) [photo Romeo]
The Thunderdome
is the best battle on the Playa (when I don't bring the robots :) [photo Romeo]
On Thunderdome
[photo courtesy Romeo]
Two men enter,
one man leaves! [photo Romeo]
Life size
construction toys, touches my life-size robot heart. [photo Romeo]
More life-size toys,
an oversized croquet set. [photo Romeo]
The indescribable Romeo
[photo courtesy Romeo]
Mel and Marianna and Stacey,
a.k.a., GigiQ, Orangina, Spacey.
Romeo lets me borrow some rope lights,
which was great because in the packing rush I only had 500W work lights. Oops.
A pole comes out,
and we convince Danny to strip.
And with a disco ball,
Disco Dan's Mobile Disco is born.
Out on the playa,
the Mother and Child (by Dan Das Mann) in the distance
Big purple head
on the playa. After the burn the eyes were open.
David Best didn't co.. a temple this year, but one of his protégés did, and it was quite beautiful.
It was my first year of Burning Man without Kodi T. Bear, so I left her a goodbye message.
Coming back on the Playa
I see the Machine in the distance.
It was part of a performance piece
by the group that we were camping with, NAIR (Not Another Island Resort)
It was a big, geary thing. That humans would crank around. The machine at night
[photo courtesy Romeo]
And someone managed .. Contessa this year, though they took it on a voyage
out past the trash fence, and managed to break an axle and rip open the side. Oops. Poor Contessa.
Disco Dan
and his ladies [photo Romeo]
The town prepares
for Critical tits [photo Romeo]
[photo courtesy Romeo]
The man had a funhouse
underneath this year (though it was oddly taken down by Friday, before this picture was taken). The funhouse was great, and helped make up for the fact that Flight To Mars, my favorite part of BRC, absolutely sucked this year. Bah.
We go to center camp
[photo Romeo]
Ogre and HaleyBunny
look upon the center. [photo Romeo]
Then there is
"swing-like" music playing, so Haley and I dance. [photo Romeo]
Then it devolves
into wrestling. [photo Romeo]
..And we are rewarded
with Tootsie Rolls by a stranger. [photo Romeo]
And then
comes the Tootsie Roll attacks. [photo Romeo]
Watching the the Big Red Bus.
My ultimate coolness is sabotaged by the traitorous Romeo [photo courtesy Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
The man burned. And the man burned up fast.
This was very shortly after the initial fire.
Morning discussion
on the bus. [photo Romeo]
the light queen [photo courtesy Romeo]
Danny teaches me how.. with Oxy-acetylene,
which totally kicks ass.
We slice through some Barbie bikes.
And Haley gets to try as well. The temple was small,
but it's burn was one of the best of seen.
This one looks like it has a monster. A video [5M],
showing a dust devil created by the fire heat.
Fantastic burn. Jeanie and Heidi
finally take my advice to become one with the playa [photo Romeo]
The end result
[photo Romeo]
Heidi works the hair
[photo Romeo]
Heidi gets her
playa hair done. [photo Romeo]
I make my traditiona..Burning Man Burritos
(flour tortillas, egg beaters and spicy salmon, berry cheerios, crushed pineapple, KC Masterpiece BBQ chips and BBQ sauce) [photo courtesy Romeo]
They are surprisingly delicious.
Surprisingly. [photo courtesy Romeo]
Heidi is surprised that she likes them.
They always are, and they always do. [photo courtesy Romeo]
Haley & Marianna
[photo Romeo]
Haley plays with streamer poi
[photo Romeo]
Haley and her shadow
play with streamer poi [photo Romeo]
Romeo on the playa
[photo courtesy Romeo]
Anna on the playa
[photo courtesy Romeo]
Heidi goes tribal
[photo courtesy Romeo]
Dave keeps the Queen warm
[photo Romeo]
Heidi loves the playa
[photo Romeo]
Time for a
propane balloon [photo Romeo]
We didn't have a fuse,
so we improvised with tape, toilet paper and gasoline [photo Romeo]
Disco Dan preparing
the "pilot light" [photo Romeo]
Clearing the gasoline
[photo Romeo]
Dan lights the fuse
and runs for it [photo Romeo]
A moment before the fireball
[photo Romeo]
The initial explosion
[photo Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
The fire cloud
[photo Romeo]
Haley watches the fire mayhem.
[photo Romeo]
Propane balloon animation
[click again to see animation] [photos Romeo]
Next attempt,
a larger, garbage bag "balloon" [photo Romeo]
The fuse lights
[photo Romeo]
Ground zero.
[photo Romeo]
Cleaning up,
we hear from an neighbor angry about the noise. [photo Romeo]
A "train"
shows up with a keyboard.. [photo Romeo]
..and we get him
to play some Swing [photo Romeo]
And there is dancing.
[photo Romeo]
We even convince
his friend to join us. [photo Romeo]
Eventually we put down
a "dance floor" [photo Romeo]
Dancing at BRC
[photo Romeo]
[photo Romeo]
"The Ladder"
went straight up 108 feet. 400 people climbed it, and sadly I was not one of them because I found out about it too late on Sunday. [photo Romeo]
Dave the Angry Ogre
[photo courtesy Romeo] calmed by his Ogre-Harem.
It's good to be Ogre. [photo courtesy Romeo]
The Queen of the Ogre-Harem
is best friend Haley [photo courtesy Romeo]
..But there is a pinching
[photo Romeo]
and again,
Dave and Haley wrestle [photo Romeo]
Dave and Haley wrestle
[photo Romeo]
Dave and Haley wrestle
[photo Romeo]
..somehow this is called "losing"
[photo Romeo]
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