Album:2005:08-18 SFLX05

Another odd year, another San Francisco Lindy Exchange
The Thur pre-dance
was at the famous 9:20 Special
Some of the out-of-towners
had already arrived.
As is an SFLX tradition,
I had a red-light blues party at my house after the dance.
Haley and I
managed a blues dance with Mr. P as a third passenger on my shoulders.
Mr. P had no problem following my lead. She was quite pleased with herself. Cid and Erin (Mich)
after the party.
Amoebae (Haley's cat) came to visit
during the weekend.
she brought her brother Ramone. Karen who I met at Herrang. The Metronome dance Mike and Jeanine (SF)
Our very own Lindy Hopping
Greg B. on sax
Haley and I
met up with Megan (Sea) and Solomon at Golden Era, one of the best veggie restaurants in SF.
Solomon attempted
to build his own spring rolls.
Some would claim that he failed.
But the final determination
was that they tasted good.
Haley threatens to jump
at the Cellspace party
It was supposed to b.. 'Party Sans Coleur'
(I guess to satisfy the French citizens of SF), yet there seemed to be much color on the floor.
One of my Herrang Pi..he excellent Carolyn
A demonstration of an awesome blues face. Haley bowling at the Sunday after party Something involving ..nd bowling happened.
Fortunately I only caught the end of it.
Danny and I
ran some experiments to see how fast and how slow we could accomplish bowling the ball.
Danny managed to get '0' mph. Mira,
from SF, now at Oberlin
With coaching from Hareesh,
I managed to break 23mph.
After all is said and done,
the remnants of my crew return to the SF Lindy Hotel.
Katie gets into a tussle. Solomon and Laura survey the mess.
I think we broke a personal record of the SF Lindy Hotel with almost 20 humans this weekend.
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