Album:2005:07-30 Barcelona

After Herrang I went to Barcelona for a week and a half (and a day trip to Montpellier).

Marta was my host
in Barcelona, and she took me to her Aunt's house to go swimming.
On Wednesday
we hit a bar and turned it into a swing club for the night.
Nuria was there.. And Marta was one of the DJs

Crooked, crooked streets. Really rock my world. Because I like the u..ured feel of it all. There's always const..ything is still old.

Dancing at the beach
(Pepe and Laura)
Dancing at the beach
[Video, 13M]
Laia.. ..has become quite a rockstar.
(and that's Marie above her shoulder, another great dancer, and married to Bernard.)

Pepe and Laura again. Aleix dances with.. Nuria. The dancing goes late into the night,
then we went swimming in the sea.

We went to Guell Park,.. ..because Marta need..Tour Guide web site. The obnoxious penis-tower
is the sole example of bad architecture in Barcelona.
Barcelona's Cathedral
is not the Gaudi church, but is still rather gothically impressive.

And it has a nice ceiling. And chandeliers With a snifty outdoor area. This courtyard was u.. Franco the dictator
to execute resistance members. The holes in the walls are from bullets.

Nuria and I
went to have tea.
Dinner w/ Laura
at a lovely restaurant
Steven Mitchell came to town
and organized a party at BalliBall
Dancing with Aleix

Dancing w/ ?
(BalliBall was hot - notice the shirt..)
Much fun Nuria is a better dancer
every time I see her.
And afterwards,
a stop at the Ramblas for some falafel

I went to Montpellier
for the last night of Sea, Sun, Swing and we met Mathilde
I drove up with Aleix, Marta and Nuria The architecture
is not quite as nice as Barcelona
Though the sunsets are great.

(Causing long-exposure ghosts)

Mathilde and Aleix and I
went to the beach
Late at night
before the dance.
The floor at Montpellier
was amazingly slippery. I loved it.
Mathilde and Marta.

Ghost dance. Rockstar Violeta (Ru)
was there, much to my happy surprise.
Mathilde gave me a quick tour.. ..of the city before I left

Square of Comedie or somesuch.
There's a theater in the back.
I love the crooked streets
that you find in every old city in Europe.
And the fact that th..e Triomph somewhere. There was also an old aqueduct

Which carried water.. ..out over the city And Mathilde went for an aqueduct swim.

Goof. Those crooked streets again. And old churches. We just don't get that in the U.S.

Mathilde played folk violin for us. Then the Barcelona crew and I
went for breakfast
and a nap. Seeing dogs in France made me miss Kodi
(who had been there - and was supposed to be there) very much

Back home, for the at the beach.. ..which brought out many tourists. Again, till late. Dancing w/ Laura

was fun.. KLM is awesome,
on the flight home I had Mr. P on my lap for pretty much the whole flight.
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