Album: Week Four

     Album:2005:07-02 Herrang:Week Four
Natalia (Pol),
the Tigress. ( comments)
Natalia defaced our ..ate Flag with a pig,
which was pretty funny. ( comments)
Karissa spent a day
frolicking with Carolyn, and made a garland headdress. ( comments)
Leru (Ru)
is very small and very fun to dance with. ( comments)
And Violeta is a rock star.
( comments)
Karissa and Carolyn made gooey burritos
(Tortillas, marshmallows, chocolate, peanut butter) ( comments)
Mathilde (Toulouse), Danny and Chiles
( comments)
Carolyn and Karissa got in a tussle.
( comments)
Which was hysterical.
( comments)
Karissa and Carolyn in a cat fight.
[Video, 10.7M] ( comments)
Dancing with Tracy
from Wales [photo Jeremy] ( comments)
Sweet dances with Mathilde
[photo Jeremy] ( comments)
Kamile (Lithuania)
( comments)
Walking w/ Jeremy and Mr. P
[photo Carolyn] ( comments)
I started to bring my cat
to the internet room and she'd walk around and meow at the people on the computers. ( comments)
It was amazing how social and calm
she became from her trip. She usually couldn't even deal with going outside back home. ( comments)
Mr. P making friends
at the internet cafe. ( comments)
Mr. P makes a little cave
( comments)
while I'm working..
( comments)
Mr. P does the rounds,
getting attention. Don't go into the light! Don't go into the light! [movie, 4.5M] [Video, 4.4M] ( comments)
Judy (UK) tries to get Mr. P's attention
( comments)
Mr. P surveys
the outside world ( comments)
Tim and Mark
made some recycling videos that were quite silly. The fourth installment was a climactic Braveheart style battle ( comments) which I was on the side of EVIL
(notice the costume pirate resemblance..) ( comments)
Getting hair braided,
while I paint someone else. [photo Reed] ( comments)
Getting psyched
for battle with Mike from Tennessee [photo Tracy] ( comments)
Walking to the battlefield.
( comments)
Before the war.
[photo Carolyn] ( comments)
The blue side
(are pussies!) [photo Reed] ( comments)
Red side is EVIL!
[photo Reed] ( comments)
Driving in the "tank"
I'm hanging out the passenger window. [photo Carolyn] ( comments)
The Recycling Video,
Episode 4 [video from HDC, 40M] [Video, 38.4M] ( comments)
Coming back from battle,
Reed the Pirate becomes my official escort service. [photo Tracy] ( comments)
Jenny (Swe)
at the meeting. ( comments)
Natalia (Pol)
at the meeting. ( comments)
Johanna (Swe)
the Herrang Info Specialist ( comments)
Lennart leads the meeting,
after his stylish Paddington hat is returned to him. ( comments)
Mark is the defacto ..ang MC/Spokesperson.
( comments)
Some people go into the cozy room
to sleep on the pillows, some people don't make it to the pillows. ( comments)
Karissa and I
taught the week 4 blues class ( comments)
And it was way fun.
( comments)
This is a Swedish cat,
stalking the mighty Swedish mosquito ( comments)
Walking along Herrangsvagėn
( comments)
Going shopping
in Hallstavik with Klavdia and the Recycling Ranger [photo Klavdia] ( comments)
I meet Anna
and we go to the beach. ( comments)
On the bridge to the island
we find some dewy grass. ( comments)
On the way back from the beach,
in front of the rickety boat houses. (Anna thinks this photo is amusing because I picked up an empty can and the photo looks like I'm having a brewski) ( comments)
Every year I make tacos.
It's a tradition, albeit an extremely difficult one considering the availability of mexican ingredients in Sweden. ( comments)
Jill (Toulouse->Belgium)
( comments)
Joel was on a motorcycle trip
with Kevin and Mark. ( comments)
These are Jill's eyes.
( comments)
Lennart has always been teased
about his clothing, so he got a "stylist" to help him dress up. ( comments)
Will was one of my Pirate Crew
(First Gunner) ( comments)
As was Carl
(First Parrot) ( comments)
Lennart's "Stylist"
Eden shows off Lennarts old clothing. ( comments)
Find the Dave!
(Hint: the premier spot at the meeting was where you could stretch your legs..) [photo Jeremy] ( comments)
give a speech.
Silly singing toys
suddenly joined the meeting. ( comments)
We watch the fourth chapter
of the Recycling films, and Mark and Tim ( comments)
Tim gets thanked.
( comments)
The final meeting,
everyone applauds the organizers, Lorenz, Frida, Fatima, Daniel and Lennart ( comments)
Little Leru of Russia.
Great follow. Very tired. ( comments)
Anna and I..
( comments)
..go out for a late night boat ride,
thanks to the ever setting/rising Swedish sun. ( comments)
Reed (LA)
was one of my Pirate Crew ( comments)
Klavdia (Kiev)
( comments)
And of course, Sandryne (Toulouse)
( comments)
The Anti-Dave wishes.. to be photographed.
( comments)
Mathilde from Paris
( comments)
Anna makes friends with Mr. P.
( comments)
The week 4 party theme was graduation,
so of course, I dressed as a pirate. I'm off carrying gear to my crew's meeting. ( comments)
The pirates prepare
for attack, in the secret pirate lair. [photo Denise] ( comments)
Listen to your Captain,
and your life will be spared. [photo Denise] ( comments)
The pirates ready to attack.
Peter, Karissa, Erin (and photographer wench), Captain, Marleena (Fin), Alf (Nor), Andrew, Carl, Zoe, Nathan, Sosh, Carolyn. Not pictured: Drunken Sailor Will ( comments)
Pirates attack Folkets Hus!
( comments)
Pirates attack
and claim the Ballroom with a Jolly Roger! [Video, 60.8M] ( comments)
Dancing w/ Karissa
[photo Denise] ( comments)
[photo Denise]
Pirate Andrew
[photo Denise] ( comments)
[photo Denise] ( comments)
Dancing w/
quasi-pirate Carolyn ( comments)
Yargh again!
[photo Denise] ( comments)
Boatswain Nathan
[photo Denise] ( comments)
Carl the Parrot
[photo Denise] ( comments)
Karissa rocks out
w/ Joel [photo Denise] ( comments)
Pirate Jam!
[photo Denise] ( comments)
Pirate Jam!
[photo Denise] ( comments)
A Captain
surveys his creation [photo Denise] ( comments)
Dancing w/ Zoe
[photo Denise] ( comments)
Andrew & Carolyn
[photo Denise] ( comments)
The Captain relays some tactics,
while Reed walks into the shot. [photo Denise] ( comments)
We attack the Dancebana.
Experience it in swooping PirateCam! [Video, 35.5M] ( comments)
Then we invade the DanceBana
( comments)
Pirate Sosh
( comments)
Pirate cheer
( comments)
Pirate Marleena (Fin)
( comments)
Regrouping for our next attack
( comments)
Pirate Andrew (the crew Martyr)
( comments)
We stormed the stage
and then dropped our mainsail in an epic display. ( comments)
Posing in front of the unfurled mainsail
( comments)
The Captain
and his first wench. ( comments)
Bjorn and part-time Pirate Denise
( comments)
Dangerous Pirate Carolyn
( comments)
Not-dangerous Hacem.
Although, there is a funny story about Hacem and a trick I played on him and a shoe that he threw at me as a joke, and how it bounced funny and hit someone in the face, and then it wasn't a joke, and yet the whole thing was pretty funny. ( comments)
Twins and Triplets
Dave and Portland Peter, the anti-Dave. Carolyn (SEA), Marta (BCN) and Tracy (SF/Wales) [photo Tracy] ( comments)
The official ruling was
only one person per bike. [photo Tracy] ( comments)
We violated that law.
[photo Carolyn] ( comments)
Goodbye, Swedish sunset sky.
( comments)
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